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Land Clearing at Karoi.


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Rhodesian Spotlight


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  7. 7Land Clearing at Karoi.


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7 / 7
Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: In the Karoi district of Southern Rhodesia the Department of Conservation and Extension of clearing up to 30 acres a day for farmers at a cost of £3 per acre.
Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - In the Karoi area of Southern Rhodesia, the main drawback ro cultivating greater acreage is land clearance. Bringing its big guns to bear on the problem, the Department of Conservation and Extension is rendering valuable service to the farmers by doing the job for them at reasonable cost. Without heavy equipment, just think of the labour and effort that would be necessary, when even Bulldozers find it as tough as this. Yes it looks as if the problem is decidedly deep-rooted.
The Department used its own Labour, and as the best time for clearing is during the rainy season months during which all farm hands are fully engaged - clearing goes on without interrupting the normal work on the farm. Up to 30 acres a day are often cleared at a cost of a mere £3 per acre.
And so Karoi’s virgin tracts are being brought under the plough, adding to the food supply and agricultural prosperity so vital to the welfare of Southern Rhodesia.
Agriculture; Town and country planning
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Central African Film Unit
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