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The Films

The sixteen films produced by the Consortium between 1969 and 1999 can be divided into two series: the British Universities Historical Studies in Film Series (1969-1995) and the Archive Series (1974-1999). The main difference between the two was stylistic with the Historical Studies Series using scripted voice-over commentaries and the Archive Series using compilations of newsreel and archive footage preceded by captions. Each film was accompanied by a booklet which examined the subject in greater depth and was usually written by the historian responsible for the production.

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British Universities Historical Studies in Film (1969-1995)

The first of the InterUniversity History Film Consortium’s two series, Historical Studies In Film consists of documentaries using material selected and edited by historians.

Historical Series

Archive Series (1974-1999)

The Inter-University History Film Consortium’s Archive Series is a collection of seven films examining topics such as the career of former Prime Ministers Neville Chamberlain and Stanley Baldwin.

Archives Series