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norman_roper0006What are newsreels and cinemagazines?

History – Read the history of British newsreels and cinemagazines

Production Documents – Trace the production of newsreel stories through the cameraman’s dope sheets, commentaries & shotlists

Who made them?

Oral Histories – Listen to five BECTU interviews with newsreel cameramen & sound recordists

Making Newsreels – Learn who did what and how the story came together

David Lean – Explore David Lean’s early career at Gaumont Sound News

Where can I find the film?

News on Screen links directly to British Pathe and Movietone.

Film Archives – Find out which archive holds what film (We do not hold any of the films on News on Screen)

DVDs & Videos –¬†List of videos and DVDs currently available

Web Directory –¬†Website directory including international newsreels

Film and the Historian – Films made by historians using newsreel footage

What else can I read?

Books – Key books and articles on British newsreels & cinemagazines

Abstracts – A definitive bibliographic guide

Articles – Freely available articles and Mass-Observation reports