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Find out what made 20th century news through 185,000 cinemagazine & newsreel stories (1910-83) linked to production documents & films.


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Discover how the news hit the screen and take your study further with our wide range of resources including histories, case studies & website links.



Watch over 600 Technicolor films from Roundabout, the COI cinemagazine that promoted Britain to Asia from 1962-1974


Oral Histories

Hear the inside story of news production from five camera & soundmen talking about their lives in the newsreels…and the newsreels in life.

Production Docs

Read eye witness accounts from cameramen’s dope sheets & trace news production through 80,000 documents

UPITN – September 1973: A Month in the Life of a Global News Agency

Watch the rough cut of world news from September 1973 through 362 items from the major global news agency UPITN
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