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CAA Flight from Salisbury to Durban


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Rhodesian Spotlight


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  1. 1Kitwe Celebrates
  2. 2Federation News
  3. 3Nyasaland’s Growing Tea Industry
  4. 4Australian Trade Commission in Salisbury
  5. 5Sporting Life on the Copperbelt
  6. 6CAA Flight from Salisbury to Durban
  7. 7Land Clearing at Karoi.


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6 / 7
Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: The Inauguration of CAA’s new direct Flying Service from Salisbury to Durban.
Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - The inauguration of a new direct air service between Salisbury and Durban receives considerable publicity. Holiday makers can now save hours in getting to the coast by travelling straight down the 31st line of longitude for 4 1/2 hours. Soon after leaving Salisbury, this being the Inaugural flight, several bottles of bubbly were popped and the passengers celebrated. What with one thing and another, the 4 1/2 hours slipped by in no time, and almost the next thing they knew, people were pointing at Durban.
Over Durban Bay to Reunion Airport and a trip that used to take days before air travel, ends in a perfect landing. Even now it’s pretty hard to believe, and the passengers take a while to get their new bearings. The completion of the first flight was made the subject of a bradcast and goodwill messages from Salisbury were handed over. Why Bless my soul, this means that in Salisbury you can almost hear the waves lapping the Natal Coast.
Aircraft; Transport; Scenery and travel
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Central African Film Unit
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