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Sporting Life on the Copperbelt


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Rhodesian Spotlight


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  1. 1Kitwe Celebrates
  2. 2Federation News
  3. 3Nyasaland’s Growing Tea Industry
  4. 4Australian Trade Commission in Salisbury
  5. 5Sporting Life on the Copperbelt
  6. 6CAA Flight from Salisbury to Durban
  7. 7Land Clearing at Karoi.


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5 / 7
Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: With encouragement from mine management the Copperbelt enjoys outstanding facilities for every type of sport.
Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - The Nkana Mine Club is typical of the outstanding facilities for sport on the Copperbelt, and there is small wonder that the Copperbelt residents are not only highly sports minded, but include many above-average sportsmen and women. The fact that the well struck putt will sink owes much to Mine Management’s encouragement and good water supplies. And the same can be said in every field of sport. So it’s not surprising that so many Copperbelt sportsmen win National honours. In these parts it doesn’t matter what particular sport you prefer, they’re all there to make leisure hours thoroughly enjoyable. It’s a real Sportsman’s Paradise. Just state your preference and that’s all there is to it. Do you play Tennis Dennis? No ‘ockey coky. See what I mean?
Whether you are working off youthful exuberance, or exercising the winning wiles that come with experience, there are few places in Africa where the conditions are so perfect or the company better. Or you can sneak off alone to the swimming bath and wish you could dive like this without dislocating your spine or breaking your neck.
The Mindola Dam has brought yachting to Northern Rhodesia. They may work hard on the Copperbelt but they can certainly relax and enjoy themselves.
Sport; Ships and boats; Entertainment and leisure; Tennis; Swimming; Mining
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Central African Film Unit
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