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The Far East


Series Name
World Pictorial News


Issue No.
Date Released
22 Oct 1945
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Royal Visit to Scotland
  2. 2Frog Men
  3. 3The Far East


Story No. within this Issue
3 / 3
Armoured columns move into Tokyo. Japanese children wave American flags. General MacArthur’s car enters the grounds of the American Embassy, where he is welcomed by General Chase. A wrecked Japanese aircraft plant at Nagoya. Hong Kong - warships of the Royal Navy in the China Sea. First invasion troops go ashore. Snipers in the dockyard area surrender to the British. Rear Admiral Harcourt and Sir Bruce Fraser prepare for the surrender ceremony. The Japanese General Okada signs the surrender and hands his sword to Admiral Harcourt, who also signs. Admiral Fujita hands over sword. Outside Government House, the White Ensign is raised. Inside the city, Japanese are made to clear up the rubble, watched by the Royal Navy. Japanese POWs are marched along by an Anzac.
Ceremonies; War damage; Prisoners of war; Occupied territories; Military

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The IWM also preserves the original nitrate film copies for the World War II period of British Paramount News, Gaumont British News and Universal News.
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