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Ocean Sound This Week No.51: Programme 51 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.51: Programme 51 of a weekly news and sports review
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11 Oct 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 51 Programme 51 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 11 October 1987. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- GUY PHILLIPS interviews Surgeon Commander HOWARD OAKLEY from the Institute of Naval Medicine regarding a new device which it is hoped will save lives in sea rescue. 20 percent of those lifted from the sea by helicopters die through heart failure which is believed to occur through being held in a vertical position. So, a new type of helicopter strop has been invented which, when taughtened round the body of the person to be rescued, will automatically adjust to lift that person in a horizontal position. United Nations Organisation has declared Monday, 5 October 1987 as Habitat Day to highlight the worldwide plight of the homeless. ALISON HOLT reports on two projects being launched in Portsmouth in support. As part of the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless a Phoenix Centre has been set up at St John’s Cathedral Social Centre as somewhere to go for families living in bed and breakfast accomodation. Organiser, JOANNA SUGRUE, says that at first it was treated warily by families who feared being organised but patronage is now increasing. The other Portsmouth project is to raise 15,000 pounds towards building 100 homes in Baroda, Northern India, where it is estimates that over 500 families live in extreme poverty without proper shelter. Co-ordinator, CHRIS RICHARDS, says response has been excellent. Target is to raise 300 pounds for each Indian family. City of Portsmouth Girls School pupils have involved themselves in a project to construct out of scrap materials, mainly cardboard, a habitable shelter but girls questioned say it is very difficult. Shak-a-Tak sing Easier said than Done. MARIE ALLAN interviews Dr JOHN MACKET of Newport, Isle of Wight, where recent newspaper reports suggest that one in six couples suffer from infertility. Dr MACKET claims that his treatment by hypnosis can relieve stress. Of 4 women so far treated, all have become pregnant since, but the doctor does not go so far as to claim that his treatment is a cure all. Steve Woodward sings Higher Love. TRACK 2- Review of the week’s news and sport. News - KAREN WOODS reporting. JEAN ELTHAM of Gudge Heath Lane, describes how a car careered out of control, struck a lampost, ploughed through her garden fence and finished up by fracturing a gas main. The driver escaped unhurt. JOHN CHAPMAN, Administration Manager for the Forestry Commission, says that the Ministry of Defence have not answered his complaint about a low flying helicopter which, he claims, was, at one point, flying only 10 feet from the ground and travelled under some high voltage power lines near Cadnam. Incident was also witnessed by one of the New Forest Verderers. NIGEL TAFT, father of a baby born 14 weeks early and measuring only 11 inches at birth with a weight of 24 ounces, speaks of the miracle wrought by the Baby Care Unit at St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth. Baby Rebecca is now home with parents and doing well. ALEXANDER ORR, a Director of Heriott Hotels, speaks about his company’s success in winning a contract to build two hotels at the junction of Southern Road and West Quay Road, Southampton. Contract is worth seven and a half million pounds and will provide jobs for 300. ORR says Southampton was chosen by his company because it is a place where a lot is happening. HEATHER HINKS of Copnor, Portsmouth, and fund raising organiser for a 50,000 pounds appeal which has just been launched, speaks of the aim to provide essential medical equipment for a newly-opened Diabetic Unit at the City’s Queen Alexandra Hospital. She hopes that generous contributions will be forthcoming both from the business community and from diabetic sufferers. Sport - CHRIS SCUDDER reporting. Pompey football club score a convincing victory over Luton by beating them 3-1 but in the second round of the Littlewoods Cup they are beaten by Swindon 1-3 whilst the Saints only achieve a draw with Bournemouth, raising a question of the future of Saints Manager, CHRIS NICHOLL. Full back, DEREK STATHAM, sums up Nicholl’s reaction: Very disappointed. CHRIS BONNINGTON, mountaineer extraordinary, gives a lecture at Fernham Hall, Fareham and is interviewed by GUY HORNSBY. BONNINGTON, just back from climbing a 1,000 ft cliff on the Island of St Kilda, a remote island beyond the Outer Hebrides, says that although the climb was totally different from Everest the principles were the same. He describes St Kilda as a mountain jutting out of the sea and was surprised to find an army camp, complete with pub on the otherwise uninhabited island - that is apart from the puffins and gannets, the latter forming the biggest colony in the World. BONNINGTON started his climbing career at Harrison Rocks, Tunbridge Wells. He made 3 attempts on Everest, reaching the summit in 1985. His greatest satisfaction at the top was the stupendous views, looking down at some of the World’s highest mountains to the South and the vast plateau of Tibet to the North. Ashford and Simpson sing Solid as a Rock. ALISON HOLT reports on what is said to be one of the most environmentally important forests in Europe, namely the New Forest. Set up as a Royal hunting ground by William the Conqueror, it has been eroded over the centuries by commercial and residential development. A new report, just published by a Forest Review Body, concludes that the area is under serious threat and needs the same protection as a National park if it is to survive unspoilt. COLIN TUBBS, an officer of the Nature Conservancy Council and member of the review body, says the problem is that the forest is sandwiched between the two large urban complexes of Bournemouth and Southampton and is a soft option for further develelopment. Things have not been helped by New Forest District Council having given planning permission for oil exploration but the Authority’s Planning Officer. Ted Johnson, and also a member of the review body, says: There will always be planning decisions that go against the spirit of the report. SIMON VIGAR Goes to the Dogs at Tipner Greyhound Stadium, Portsmouth, and debunks the prevalent idea that the sport is for men in flat caps with a pint of best bitter in their hands. The occasion is Ladbroke’s Golden Muzzle race and hot favourite to win is Portsmouth’s Chocolate Drink. Trainer, JOE BURRIDGE, says that the best way to get started in greyhound racing is to go to a greyhound sale with a helpful expert. In terms of running costs the vets fees alone account for some 14 pounds a week. The racing life of a greyhound is 5 to 6 years. They race all the year round at an average weight of 34 kilograms and can attain speeds of 35 mph. Bookie, ROSS JACKSON, asked if he is about to mkae a killing, evades the question and says that you take most of your bets in the 2 or 3 minutes before the start of the race. Ladbroke’s Regional Manager, MIKE O KANE, says that sponsoring the Golden Muzzle race makes good sense because the sport is still growing in popularity. Chocolate Drink wins at 7 to 2 and owner, PAT SCULLY, says that he currently has 6 dogs and has been racing 20 years. Mars sing Pump up the Volume, this week’s Network No 1. [Box 9]
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NB new intro to programme. Track 1- Music at approx 7-11 mins; 14-19 mins. Track 2- Music at approx 14-18 mins; 26-30 mins; reference to OS first anniversary at end speech.
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Matt Hopper
Guy Hornsby; Karen Woods; Alison Holt; Guy Phillips; Simon Vigar; Chris Scudder; Marie Allan
Chris Richards; Howard Oakley; Joanna Sugrue; John Macket; Jean Eltham; John Chapman; Nigel Taft; Alexander Orr; Chris Bonnington; Colin Tubbs; Joe Burridge; Ross Jackson; Mike O Kane; Pat Scully

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