Ocean Sound This Week No.39: Programme 39 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.39: Programme 39 of a weekly news and sports review
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19 Jul 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 39 Programme 39 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 19 July 1987. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- ALISON HOLT reports that now the General Election is over one-day strikes have returned to Hampshire schools as teachers campaign for restoration of negotiating rights. Hampshire’s union spokesman, PETER TIPPETTS, denies that it is a battle doomed to failure or that it was an Election issue. He says that the matter was side-stepped. National Association of Head Teachers President MICHAEL PIPES, says that there should be a separate negotiating body for Heads and Deputies. He does not believe that market forces can work in schools. Elton John sings: Teacher - I Need You. MARK FLANAGAN interviews Dr STEPHEN FULDER who claims that taking garlic each day keeps the doctor away! The plant contains a natural antibiotic and is an excellent preventative against colds, flu and catarrh. It thins the blood and to be effective it must smell. One can get garlic capsules from chemists. FULDER has just published a book Garlic - Nature’s Original Remedy. The Thompson Twins sing Doctor, Doctor. TRACK 2- Review of the week’s news and sport. News - KAREN WOODS reporting. Gosport jury returns a verdict of accidental death on 5 people who died when a light plane from Belgium crashed into a yacht in the Solent. [See previous reports on Bands 2 and 4 on 3 May 1987.] SID FIDDY, Chairman of Portsmouth City Council’s Transportation Committee, speaks about City’s recent decision to spend 37,500 pounds a year on helping to keep Portsmouth City Transport buses on the road in early morning and evening. Cost shared with Hampshire County Council. FIDDY says things will work out if Portsmouth and the County work together. Unit General Manager of the Royal South Hants, Hospital, Southampton, ROGER FARROWS, speaks about forced closure of operating theatre because of bacteria. Hopes to have new theatre open soon. 25 year old Southampton man, Anthony McCaffrey, found guilty of violently raping a 19 year old girl and jailed for 9 years. A Winchester school suspends 2 pupils - 9 year old IAN DYER and 8 year old DANIEL EASTLAKE - for sparking a major police search when they went missing for 9 hours on a trip to Farley Mount. JAMES HILL MP for Southampton Test speaks about threatened closure of Aldermore First and Middle School which he is confident can be stopped. Sport - GUY PHILLIPS reporting. In the European Dressage Championships at Goodwood, JENNY LORISTON-CLARK from Brockenhurst, achieves success for Britain on the final day by winning the musical dressage section on her horse Dutch Gold. Speaking to SIMON VIGAR, she says she is thrilled and did not expect it. Pompey’s football squad is back at work in hard training at HMS Mercury under the watchful eye of training instructor CPO RAY EWING who says there is no time for any footballing prima donnas. Good and bad news for Saints’ Manager, CHRIS NICHOLL. Star striker COLIN CLARK is withdrawing his transfer request but, 24 hours later, DAVID ARMSTRONG announces that he is leaving the Club for Sheffield Wednesday. Hampshire cricket team robbed of victory against Essex by the weather. ROBIN SMITH 209 not out in Hampshire’s first innings. Music Axel F, from Harold Faltemyer. JEAN PAUL HANSFORD reports on an Isle of Wight competition for a superman which was won by EDDIE PERFECT. There were 8 competitors who had to lift a car single handed. BARRIE FIELD, the Island’s new MP says that there are not that many beefy MPs. PERFECT says that if FIELD wants to become strong he must go up and down with a few thousand bricks and refers to the Iron Lady. Music Don’t Get Me Wrong. JANE HILL interviews LES MILAM, Secretary of Millbrook Canoe Club, which may be forced to close because Southampton’s boating lake is almost dried up through unrepaired leaks. STEVE OATES interviews RICHARD COLVILLE at Isle of Wight Northwood Show Ground where the Island’s County Show is being held. COLVILLE talks about country sports which include hunting, shooting, fishing, beagling and falconry. They are part of the countryside tradition and although some regard them as cruel. COLVILLE says that you cannot live without some cruelty. JIM TOOGOOD talks about the Island’s Goat Club which aims to promote interest in these animals which make good pets as well as having a value for their milk. There are from 600 to a thousand goats on the Isle of Wight. Madonna sings Who’s That Girl?, this week’s Network No 1. [Box 9]
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James Hill; Peter Tippetts; Michael Pipes; Barrie Field; Jenny Loriston Clark; Stephen Fulder; Sid Fiddy; Roger Farrows; Ray Ewing; David Armstrong; Eddie Perfect; Les Milam; Richard Colville; Jim Toogood
Matt Hopper
Karen Woods; Alison Holt; Guy Phillips; Jean Paul Hansford; Mark Flanagan; Simon Vigar; Jane Hill; Steve Oates

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