Ocean Sound This Week No.26: Programme 26 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.26: Programme 26 of a weekly news and sports review
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19 Apr 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 26 Programme 26 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 19 April 1987. Presented by GUY HORNSBY. TRACK 1- Golden Brown is sung by The Stranglers, reckoned to be one of the founders of the punk movement. PETE WALDMAN asks JOHN J BURNEL, one of the group, why they are still going and BURNEL thinks that it is because they have remained the same in a pop world of ever-changing styles. Admits to having smoked dope. Group have now reached the Yuppie status. The Stranglers sing Shaking like a Leaf. BRIAN COOK in Hong Kong, interviews JANET KERSLICK, presenter on British Forces Broadcasting Service. KERSLICK claims that BFBS helps to keep servicemen in touch. She speaks of her attempted parachute drop for charity which she funked when the time came to bail out and was returned to earth still in harness! TRACK 2- ALISON JOHNS talks to 91 year old EDITH HAISMAN, of Portswood, Southampton, who as a 15 year old, sailed on the Titanic on its ill fated voyage which ended in disaster when it struck an iceberg 4 days later. She was saved but her father went down with the ship. She speaks of the liner hitting the iceberg 3 times at speed. There was a terrible vibration through the ship but for a long while most passengers were not worried. It took two and a half hours for the ship to founder and the 16 lifeboats were quite inadequate to cope with the ship’s complement of passengers and crew. She was picked up by the liner Carpathia. She does not think that there should be any attempt to raise the ship, now that its location is known. Graham Reavie of Freemantle, Southampton is one of 26 fans facing charges in connection with the Heysel Football Stadium disaster and an extradition order to face these charges in Belgium fails on a ruling of Lord Justice Watkins that the English evidence was flawed. Lawyer, SIR HARRY LIVERMORE, acting for 7 of the accused, is interviewed and says that the authorities clearly made a mistake but he does not expect the matter to end now. TRACK 3- This week’s review of news and sport. News - KAREN WOODS reporting. ALEX HODDER, union spokesman for Gosport’s dustmen who have now returned from strike action after 8 hours of talks between unions and management says he is pleased with the new pay deal. 35 year old ROGER KENCH was found dead, crushed to death beneath a collapsed roof by his wife who is being comforted by neighbours. ALISON HOLT reports that there is good news on the jobs front with a big drop in the proportion of unemployed both in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. 26 year old JOHN ALEXANDER, an inmate in an Isle of Wight prison, is making a claim of racial discrimination against the authorities. He alleges that because he is black he was refused work in the prison kitchen. Plea is first of its kind. ROBERT MINER, Chairman of Board of Visitors, Winchester Prison, claims that morale is very low there because re-furbishment plans have been put back for the third time in 3 years. Individual cell sanitation had been promised but slopping out as a daily routine has to continue. CONNIE FORBES, member of a child protection team which has been formed in Gosport as part of a 4 million pounds nationwide NSPCC campaign is interviewed and explains that the team will particularly target parents who have themselves had a bad upbringing to encourage them to become caring parents notwithstanding their past experiences. Sport - GUY PHILLIPS reporting. Southampton beat Oxford United 3-0 which CHRIS MAUGHAN says lifts them clear of relegation. Pompey draw with Reading 2-2 which give them a lead over Derby and puts them back at the top of the 2nd Division. MIKE VIMPANY says that Portsmouth will really have to work hard. TOM McNABB, former National Athletics Team Coach and now World Cup Rugby Team Coach, is interviewed about his Ten Step workshop scheme to encourage children aged 7 and upwards into takin part in some form of sport. Southampton has set up a workshop as part of this scheme and IBM has contributed 200,000 pounds. ZELDA BLAKEY reports on Tchoukball, fastest of hardball games. TRACK 4-BRIAN COOK in Hong Kong interviews Cdr PETER HOARE, Base Supply Officer, HMS Tamar, which is not a ship at all but a 26 floor skyscraper with no parade ground and is HQ of British Forces in the area of which one third are Royal Navy personnel. HOARE provides support services for fire patrols. Employs some Chinese although they must have a good knowledge of English. He is learning Cantonese. COOK also speaks to Flight Lt TIM BAILEY to find out more about the role of RAF in the Sek Kong New Territories. The RAF provides helicopter support for troop carrying, search and rescue and fire fighting at which a helicopter can dump 1,000 kg of water on to a fire. There are 240 serving RAF personnel there. TRACK 5- JEAN PAUL HANSFORD interviews JOHN SLATER, spokesman for a newly launched Tourist Development Action Programme for the Isle of Wight and backed by the English Tourist Board and the Isle of Wight County Council. Aim is to improve access to the Island by providing more car parking on the Mainland with better signing and tourist information. RAY COLEMAN interviews JOHN OAKLEY from East Cowes who recites his poetic tribute All Steamed Up, dedicated to the steam railway enthusiasts at the Island’s Haven Street. MARK FLANAGAN interviews FRANK ADCOCK who runs the Honeypot Tea Rooms at Minstead near Lyndhurst. Honeypot has been nominated in the Egon Ronay Just a Bite Guide. Secret of success is providing a traditional old fashioned tea on a fairly up market basis with everything made on the premises. [Box 9]
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Guy Hornsby
Karen Woods; Alison Holt; Guy Phillips; Jean Paul Hansford; Mark Flanagan; Brian Cook; Zelda Blakey; Ray Coleman; Pete Waldman; Alison Johns
John Oakley; John J Burnel; Janet Kerslick; Edith Haisman; Sir Harry Livermore; Alex Hodder; John Alexander; Robert Miner; Chris Maughan; Mike Vimpany; Tom McNabb; John Salter; Frank Adcock

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