Ocean Sound This Week No.13: Programme 13 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.13: Programme 13 of a weekly news and sports review
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16 Jan 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 13 Programme 13 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 16th January 1987. Presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- The big freeze up. MARK FLANAGAN interviews TED YOUNG at the Southampton Weather Centre. Coldest at Southampton this century. -5.1 degrees c. yesterday. Cold spell did not come as a surprise. Predicted to reach Britain from Arctic Circle. JIM ALLAN of Southampton Weather Centre explains how predictions are made from an hourly compilation of computer print-outs, satellite pictures and charts. ADAM HARDING interviews PAUL RICHARDSON, County Surveyor IOW. His road workers out long hours dealing with drifts of up to 8ft. Public behaving responsibly and not making unneccessary journeys. Brighstone, Niton and Chale worst hit. DAVID COWAN, Chief Executive of Winchester City Council, comments that Local Authorities can never be geared up to meet extreme conditions such as now being experienced. TRACK 2- CHRIS CARNEGY finds out how life goes on in spite of the big freeze in North Hampshire. Interviews TERRY LADLOW, Headmaster of a Middle School, who explains why he decided to close school and send children home. Popular decision. Chris joins Kate, Jennifer and other schoolgirls having fun. Tries his hand on a toboggan and careers down road past school narrowly missing parked car. Gaff Band sings Having Big Fun, Network No 5 in chart. ANGELO ENRICO, County Fire Brigade spokesman, explains the Do’s and Don’ts of fire prevention during cold weather. Main causes of fire, electric blankets, smoking in bed, children playing with matches, overheated chip pans. Donna Summer sings a timely song from 1974 Winter Melody. TRACK 3- CHRIS RIDER reviews the week’s news and sport. News - Britain grinds to a halt in big freeze up. -12 degrees C. in some areas. ADAM HARDING reports on first freeze victim, Emily Furnell, an 83 year old widow, found with a body temperature of 25 degrees C, should be 37 degrees C. MIKE HANCOCK, MP comments that Winter Social Security payments inadequate. 7 days waiting for money to provide warm clothing etc. Should be a facility to make discretionary emergency payments. Thaw on the way. Burst pipes at Beaulieu Palace. Basement flooded. Lady Montagu says Everyone pitching in!. Teenage Naval rating arrested for murder of LYNDA COOK on Merry Row wasteground, Portsmouth. In Southampton Customs Officers raid ship and seize 1.5 million pounds worth of cocaine. Sport - GUY PHILLIPS reports. Portsmouth beat Blackburn 2-0 in 3rd round of FA Cup. Southampton crash out by losing to Everton 1-2. Liverpool demand 10,000 pounds compensation from Luton for failing to arrive for match. Viv Richards, West Indies skipper, signs for Lancashire League Club, Rishton. No first class county side wanted him. Australia wins fifth and final Test in Sydney by 55 runs against England. ALAN BORDER, skipper of Australian side is interviewed. TRACK 4- BRIAN COOK interviews Capt PETER GRINDLE of HMS Ariadne who says that a life on the ocean wave is not so good during cold weather. He talks about forthcoming visit of ship to Southampton where sight of naval vessels not so commonplace as in Portsmouth. Visit is to encourage recruitment. Public will see many weapons but some parts of ship will be restricted. There will be links with careers office to stimulate interest in joining the navy. A helicopter will pay visits to schools. Jackie Wilson sings Reet Petite, Network No 1 for second week. TRACK 5- JANE HILL interviews colleague of murdered Southampton taxi driver, DOUGIE LATTER. Colleague, IAN CAINE, explains how much safer he feels driving new London type cab fitted with lockable dividing window and self locking rear doors when cab moving. Finally MIKE EDKELSKY bought his 37 year old donkey 4 leg warmers to keep out the cold during the freeze up. Trouble was that leg warmers would not stay up so he borrowed two pairs of his wife’s stocking suspenders which the donkey wears to complete satisfaction! [Box 9]
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Ocean Sound
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Chris Rider; Guy Phillips; Chris Carnegy; Adam Harding; Mark Flanagan; Brian Cook; Jane Hill
Matt Hopper
Angelo Enrico; David Cowan; Dougie Latter; Ted Young; Jim Allan; Paul Richardson; Terry Ladlow; C Mike Hancock; Alan Border; Peter Grindle; Ian Caine; Mike Edkelsky

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