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Ocean Sound This Week No.21: Programme 21 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.21: Programme 21 of a weekly news and sports review
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13 Mar 1987 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 21 Programme 21 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 13 March 1987. Presented by GUY HORNSBY. TRACK 1- The Zeebrugge Ferry disaster dominates the week’s news with the tragic deaths of over 100 passengers on the foundering of The Herald of Free Enterprise. KAREN WOODS interviews Chief Petty Officer PETER STILL, leading a team of Royal Navy divers, combing the sunken ferry for survivors. He admits that emotion overcame his normally professional attitude when he discovered the body of a two year old boy which he had to recover. Also interviewed for their valuable work at the wreck with thermal image cameras, which can detect heatspots and pinpoint possible pockets of survival, are JOHN HESLOP and Dr PHIL SUTTON from the Funtington Admiralty Research Establishment. The Rev BOB EVENS, Vicar of Locks Heath Parish Church, gives Morning Thought. TRACK 2- On Wednesday, which was National No Smoking Day, MARK FLANAGAN interviews BRIAN GOULD, ex-Southampton MP. GOULD stoutly denies that Labour Party in turmoil but admits Alliance victory in Greenwich Parliamentary by-election disappointing. Is cautiously optimistic about outcome of pending Truro by-election. Thinks Mrs Thatcher will not call May Election. Does not agree that the outcome, whenever it comes, will be a hung parliament. In recognition of No Smoking day, Trevor Burton sings Get the Fire Brigade from 1968. PAT CHRISTMAS, Southampton’s Health Education Officer, comments on a recent survey which shows that not only those who smoke are at risk from lung cancer but that those in proximity of smokers can harmfully inhale their smoke [known as passive smoking]. TRACK 3- CHRIS RIDER reviews this week’s news and sport. News - 62 year old HARRY MEYER, export manager of a Hampshire firm, recounts his experience of miraculously escaping from the Zeebruge ferry disaster. TONY SMITH, manager of the Royal Hotel, Winchester, interviewed and defends his decision to sack two mentally handicapped employees after they had given 20 years service. They were not capable of coping with increased demands and their dismissal upheld by Industrial Tribunal. Southampton spokesman for the National Union of Seamen, MALCOLM BAILEY, comments on acceptance by 600 catering staff from QE2 of Cunard’s severance pay offer. BAILEY says It’s unbelievable! Putting the clock back 50 years! GUY PHILLIPS reports that Portsmouth is back to normal again after being invaded by 3,000 runners for the fifth Half-Marathon. JIMMY SAVILLE, who took part, is interviewed. Winner was 28 year old KEVIN JACKS from St Helens. Sport - GUY PHILLIPS reporting. Southampton beat Leicester City 4-0. MATTHEW LE TISSIER, from Guernsey, scores hat trick for Saints. Pompey draw with Leeds United 1-1. Football correspondent, MIKE VICKERY comments Bad tempered game! TRACK 4- ADRIAN SCOTT interviews CHRIS HARRISON, City Arts Administrator, about forthcoming Portsmouth Festival. Because of the bi-centennial celebrations, the accent will be on Australia. New Theatre Royal will be a major venue for live performance. There will be a First Fleet short story competition for children under 15. Canon and Rendevous cinemas will present a season of Australian films. Level 42 sing All the Things We Are. TRACK 5- BARRY PHILLIPS, owner since 1969 of the White Horse, Chilgrove, speaks of changing tastes since that time. Accent now on food and less on drink. He still believes that the pub should be a retreat from family ties and children should be kept out. Ben E King sings Stand by Me, this week’s Network No 1. JEAN-PAUL HANSFORD interviews ERIC STEEL, Chairman of IOW Advanced Motorists, who says that the greatest road hazard on the Island is the Sunday drivers who tend to be elderly. Island not suitable for very powerful cars. 1300-1600 cc quite adequate. Secretary of IOW Advanced Motorists, GORDON MILLS, points out advantage of Advanced Driving Certificate in obtaining lower priced insurance cover. [Box 9]
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Ocean Sound
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Chris Rider; Karen Woods; Guy Phillips; Jean Paul Hansford; Mark Flanagan; Mike Vickery; Adrian Scott
Guy Hornsby
Peter Still; John Heslop; Phil Sutton; Rev Bob Evens; Brian Gould; Pat Christmas; Harry Meyer; Tony Smith; Malcolm Bailey; Jimmy Saville; Chris Harrison; Barry Phillips; Eric Steel; Gordon Mills

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