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1975 Derby


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British Movietone News


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8 Jun 1975
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  1. 11975 Derby


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: The 1975 Derby. DESCRIPTION: The "196th Derby Stakes" and the stakes are the highest everThere is £106,500 for the winner and a wonderful day at the races for a record crowdAlmost from the start, it’s Anne’s Pretender leading the field, then just two furlongs from home Grundy takes over, followed by Nobiliary and Hunza DancerVictory for Grundy, ridden by Champion Jockey, Pat Eddery and all that lovely lolly for Italian owner, Dr Carlo Vittadeni. SHOTLIST: GV empty racecourse Epsom. LV horses & riders walking out in early morning. FV horses starting to canter down course. SV horses walking. FV horse & rider galloping past camera. SV ditto another. LV pan ditto & horses. SV pan ditto, 1 horse. FV pan ditto another. CU zoom out horses going round on Merry Go Round. FV ditto pan with people on board. CU ‘Divebomber’ coming toward camera. SV people on whiplash ride. Montage sequence of fair. GV Epsom with fair in f/g. LV helicopter landing pull back to show racecourse packed full. GV cars & coaches & people. CU copter just landing. SV man guiding it. SV man getting out. SV copter hovering. SV men & women leaving copter. GV Tattenham Corner. CU zoom back crowd on building. LV drunk in top hat and red coat on building being sorted out by police. FV Queen arrives in the paddock. SV No 8 Hobnob being led round paddock. FV Queen Mother arrives at paddock. SV No 5 Fidion (French) lead round. BV Queen & Queen Mother looking at horses. CU zoom out No 10 No Alimony lead round. SV foreign visitors in paddock. SV No 18 Tanzor USA lead round. SV Queen. GV VIPs in paddock. FV jockeys entering paddock pan sequence of jockeys mounting. SV mounted jockeys lead round paddock. FV jockeys on horses. SV P Eddery up on Grundy No 7. BV jockeys leaving paddock. SV Queen leaving. GV main grandstand & course. SV A Murray on No 1 Anne’s Pretender. FV Queen & Duke watching parade. SV No 2 Bruni (L Piggott) up on him. SV jockey on No ? Green Dancer (F Head) (favourite). ? Queen & Queen Mother. SV No 7 Grundy parading. GV jockeys parading up course. SV No 17 Sea Break (Irish) J Roe on it. GV jockey cantering down course to start. FV Yves Saint-Martin on Nobiliary. GV crowds on open top buses. TV crowd & bookies. CU woman placing bet. SV Tic-tack man. SV crowd on stand. SV horses milling round start pan No 7. SV ditto pan No 19. SV No 9 Hunza Dancer (F Durr). GV No 6 at 381’. SV pan No 6. Horse eye view of inside starting stall. CU starter walking up on platform and lowering hand. CU stalls opening, horses rush out. GV horses at start of race, pan. GV horses coming up track toward & past camera. BV horses going away into distance. FV (slow motion) horses coming toward and round bend before Tattenham. SV slow motion horses 1 and 3 racing. CU ditto legs of horses. SV jockeys on horses (SM). CU legs (SM) horses. BV horses going away from camera (SM). LV horses coming out of bend to Tattenham Corner pan to BV. Anne’s Pretender in first place. GV horses coming out of Tattenham Corner toward finish, 7 Grundy romping home followed by No 19 (2nd) Nobiliary 20 to 1, 3rd No 9 Hunza Dancer 50 to 1, 4th No 1 Anne’s Pretender. Winner crosses line. FV Queen & Queen Mother on balcony, walk to winners enclosure. CU P Eddery on horse. TV horse being ridden into winners ring. FV ditto jockey dismounts. CU ditto removing saddles from horse & patting it, pan with jockey. TV horse in winners ring. SV owner being awarded trophy, Dr Carlo Vittadeni. CU owner. TV horse in winners ring. The Derby - Stock Shots Early morning scenes of deserted race course. Early morning scenes of horse being exercised. Crowds and fun-fair scenes etc. (400ft.)
Royalty; Sport; Horse racing; Gambling; Entertainment and leisure; Economics; Aviation; Business and commerce; Ceremonies; Crime; Newsreels
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Leonard Martin
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