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Concorde in Tehran


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
9 Jun 1972
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Concorde in Tehran
  2. 2Queen Mother Unveils ‘Pouihi’
  3. 3New Republic of Sri Lanka
  4. 4Juvenile Riders
  5. 5Colour: 1972 Derby


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1 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Concorde in Tehran. DESCRIPTION: As part of the 40,000 mile Sales Promotion tour, Concorde took to the skies from Tehran Airport, with the Shah of Iran. Officials were pleased with the flight, they ordered three aircraft. This is the first definite order received for the Anglo French ‘plane. The order will put Iranian airlines in the forefront of Supersonic flights. SHOTLIST: GV Concorde on Tehran airport runway. SV Iranian soldier on guard. GV under wing of airport building, pan up to name Concorde on tail. SV interior Brian Trubshaw talking to Shah about route of flight. CU Shah. CU Trubshaw talking to Shah. SV 2 men talking, pan down to route map on table. GV party approaching Concorde. SV pan Michael Heseltine walking with Shah to steps. SV batman. GV Concorde taxies away. CU Concorde badge on jacket pan up to man watching. GV Concorde down runway. SV interior Shah with engineers looking at controls. CU controls. GV pan Concorde takes off. Zoom out shot through window flying at mach 2, 57,000 feet. SV Shah at controls. GV Iran from air. GV interior Concorde. SV nose of Concorde on tarmac. LV crowds watching from airport building. Angle shot name of airport. SV pan Shah and party up steps of airport building. SV locals watching. CU pan Heseltine presenting Shah with desk model of Concorde in gold. SV Trubshaw presenting certificate to Shah which he reads. GV Concorde on tarmac.
Royalty; Aviation
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Leonard Martin
Norman Fisher
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