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The Princess in Scotland


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British Movietone News


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4 Apr 1960
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The Princess in Scotland
  2. 2The Premier Reports
  3. 3Polaris Missile
  4. 4Prince Philip at the Yard
  5. 5Boxing Title for Britain
  6. 6Knees Up, Old Dear!
  7. *Rangers V Sparta

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1 / 6
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: The Princess in Scotland. DESCRIPTION: One of Princess Margaret’s engagements was at Glasgow Cathedral: the unveiling of stained glass windows in memory of officers and men of the Services in Scotland. The Princess then visited the submarine base at Care Loch and inspected HMS Rorqual. After Her Royal Highness had a word with the commanding officer, Lieutenant-Commander Evans, Rorqual gave a demonstration which the Princess watched from the depot ship Adamant. . In London, Princess Alexandra of Kent opened the new School for Nursing at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street. SHOTLIST: LS Princess Margaret walking down steps. Crowd. MS Princess Margaret walking. GV Church. MS Princess Margaret standing by church. Unveiling windows. Slip pan - sub. alongside ship. Princess Margaret up steps. Princess Margaret talking to officer. LS sub. under way. MS Princess looking through binoculars. LS sub. surfacing. MS Princess Margaret looking. Sub nearly surfaced. Slip Pan. MS interior hospital. MS nurses turn bed over. MS nurse with trolley. CU small doll in cot. CU another MS nurse feeds doll. MS Princess Alexandra enters ward. CU Princess talking to nurse. CU Princess Alexandra. MS Princess with nurse. CU Princess Alexandra. PRINCESS MARGARET IN SCOTLAND - CARD 79714 Shots of Princess Margaret arriving at Glasgow Cathedral for the unveiling of new stain glass window. Dedicated to soldiers, sailors and airmen. Margaret visits the submarine ‘Rorqual’, Britain’s latest. Margaret watches the submarine surface.
Commemorations; Buildings and structures; Ships and boats; Entertainment and leisure; Health and medicine; Ceremonies; Navy; Military
Scotland; England
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Geoffrey Sumner
John Charles Elder
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