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Thank Heaven for Little Girls


Series Name
British Movietone News


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Date Released
11 Feb 1960
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1South Africa - Premier’s Farewell
  2. 2Australia - New Governor General
  3. 3Sunshine Sport
  4. 4A Big Blow
  5. 5A High Jump
  6. 6Thank Heaven for Little Girls
  7. 7HMS Victorious - At Sea
  8. *Wales V Scotland

* Story has local or special distribution


Story No. within this Issue
6 / 7
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Thank Heaven for Little Girls. DESCRIPTION: Our pictures show Angela Sullivan of Kentish Town, eight years old. Having won an Amateur Swimming Association senior bronze medal for the half mile backstroke, she was now after the silver. Angela got her silver medal all right, completing the backstroke mile in thirty-two minutes. Britain’s Olympic Champion, Judy Grinham, was there giving encouragement to young Angela. And this is a kid’s school in Russia, where English is a popular lesson. SHOTLIST: MS girl puts on swimming hat. MS little girl dives into water. MS girl swimming. MS same. MS Judy Grinham talking to little girl. Slip pan. This section not for TV (Sovexport) - MS class in session. CU little girl opens door. MS teacher talks to girl. MS children listening to teacher. MS teacher talking to children. MS little girl sits down. MS teacher asks girl question. MS girl stands up and gives answer. CU teacher asks boy a question. MS boy stands up and answers. MS teacher talking. MS same. Slip pan. MS little girl with mother. MS little girl talks to Father Christmas. CU same.
Sport; Education and training; Children; Celebrations and festivals
Australia; England; Russia
Footage sources
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Geoffrey Sumner
Ken Taylor
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