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Clickety Clack to Go


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
18 Dec 1958
Date submitted
19 Dec 1958
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  1. 1Archie Moore - Amazing Win
  2. 2Clickety Clack to Go
  3. 3Seasonable Weather
  4. 4The Shopping Bag
  5. *Greetings Title

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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Rail Welder. DESCRIPTION: That familiar sound clickety-clack, known to every railway traveller, is to go. It’s those little gaps between the rail-ends that make the clickety-clack. These pictures show a machine, a continuous rail-welder, which takes the standard length rails and welds them into lengths of up to a quarter of a mile. Thirty-four flat cars are needed to transport the extra long lengths to where they are to be laid. The laying process is a fairly simple operation. SHOTLIST: MS train passes (key). Same. Diesel passes (pan). CU joint in rails. MS welding house. CU rails moved into position. Same. MS welder at work. CU rails being welded. CU welded joint. Same. CU rail comes out of welding house. MS rails on truck. MS man on first truck with telephone. CU end of rail secured. BS same. Pan CU rail slipping off trucks. BS rails laid on ground.
Railways; Industry and manufacture
United States of America
Footage sources
United States of America
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Geoffrey Sumner
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