Funeral of His Majesty King George VI


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British Movietone News


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18 Feb 1952
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15 Feb 1952
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  1. 1Funeral of His Majesty King George VI


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Funeral of King George Vi. DESCRIPTION: Commentary Spoken by Leslie Mitchell and Eric Dunstan. SHOTLIST: Cut story - KS. Laurel wreath with GR in centre. Big Ben at 9.28 am pans to Palace Yard. Westminster Abbey (unseen) bells pealing. Coffin being borne out of Westminster Hall. Elevated GV ditto. Ground shot approaching gun-carriage. Coffin placed on gun-carriage. Ground shot, Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother & Princess Margaret out of West. Hall, into carriage. Elevated GV of procession moving off. Ground ditto cut-in. Pall bearers walk along gun-carriage. Queen’s carriage. Elevated GV Westminster Palace Yard. MS matlows pulling gun-carriage, leaves yard, turning into Parliament Street. Queen’s coach ditto. Walking - Duke of Gloucester, Duke of Kent, Duke of Windsor & Duke of Edinburgh. Elevated GV cortege passing along Whitehall past Cenotaph. Ground - through Horse Guards Parade. Queen’s coach, Four Dukes. Foreign royalty & personalities, King George [sic] of Greece, King Frederick of Denmark, King Gustav of Sweden & Mr Auriol of France. Followed by King of Iraq, presidents of Turkey, Yugoslavia & representatives of Russia, etc. RAF Regiment in procession with arms reversed. Sailors ditto. Queen’s carriage. Passing through St James’s Palace. Elevated GV Piccadilly - passing along - very good. Elevated GV cortege approaching Marble Arch, through Hyde Park, passing through gates out of park (Mr Churchill’s voice over same refers to King George VI made a friend of Deaths, etc.). Entering Paddington Station. At Windsor - Interior Windsor Station, train draws into station. Coffin carried out. Queen’s coach. Elevated GV cortege passing along High Street. CU types include woman, policeman, & girl student. Elevated GV procession passing White Hart Hotel. MS Queen Victoria’s statue, procession passing. Cortege along Long Walk. Cortege enters Castle grounds. Cortege through archway. CU Round Tower. GV through castle grounds. Elevated GV ditto shows round tower & other parts of castle in background. Cortege rounds bend. Cortege through archway to base of steps of St George’s Chapel. CU sailors feet marching. CU Coffin, shows Crown, Sceptre & Orb, & Queen Mother’s wreath. Sailors drawing gun-carriage come to halt. Sailors stand with heads bared & bowed. Bearers forward, coffin from gun carriage. Waiting at top of steps, the Archbishops of Canterbury & York, & Dean of Windsor. Coffin up steps. Queen’s carriage arrives, Four Dukes waiting at base of steps. GV Queen follows coffin followed by rest of mourners. GV coffin into chapel & all going in, mix to Big Ben at 2 o’clock. Parliament Square, crowds stand still traffic stops, pan of same. Trafalgar Square, crowds stand still also traffic, pan of same. Crowds against barrier. Traffic moves on, mix to stills of (interior) St George’s Chapel during the burial service. Finish on laurel wreath with Rest in Peace at base.
Royalty; Students; Education and training; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Music and dance; Vehicles; Women; Aviation; Railways; Death; Ceremonies; Police; Navy; Military; Funerals; Religion and belief
Footage sources
Gaumont British News Rota
Pathe Rota
Card file number
Alec Tozer
David W. Samuelson
Eric Dunstan
Frederick Oscar Bovill
George Richardson
Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Harold G. Jones
Hilton Craig
James Humphries
John Charles Elder
Leslie Mitchell
Martin Gray
Montague G. Benson
Norman Fisher
Paul Wyand
Ronald Noble
Roy Fogwell
Sydney Samuelson
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