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Centenary Celebrations in New Zealand


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British Movietone News


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8 Jan 1951
Date submitted
4 Jan 1951
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Centenary Celebrations in New Zealand
  2. 2Call to Miners
  3. 3Commonwealth Conference
  4. 4Australia’s 28-Run Win
  5. 53rd Round FA Cup
  6. 6Third Round FA Cup


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: New Zealand Centenary Celebrated. DESCRIPTION: At the port of Lyttleton, near Christchurch, they’ve been re-enacting the arrival of the vessel that brought out the early settlers. In Christchurch itself there was a pageant and in Cathedral Square, thousands gathered for the Thanksgiving Service which was attended by Dr Fisher. SHOTLIST: Cut story - KS. GV looking down into valley, full of buildings, in foreground cows grazing in fields, location Canterbury Plains. Ditto. GV street of Christchurch. Scenic shot of park with stream running through centre. GV port of Lyttleton, shows vessel laying-off. Longboat being rowed ashore, by pilgrims in period dress. Pilgrims come ashore, carrying their belongings. Passing through streets of Christchurch, pageant stressing agriculture, native Maoris. Float with 100 candles on same. Elevated GV of Cathedral Square crowded with people. Dr Fisher in full regalia arrives, walks past camera. Various GVs of crowds attend service. MS Fisher taking off his head-dress & addressing (silent) gathering. Elevated GV looking at crowds from balcony. MS trumpeters playing.
Commemorations; Buildings and structures; Ships and boats; Music and dance; Environment; Agriculture; Celebrations and festivals; Animals; History and archaeology; Religion and belief; Scenery and travel
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Leslie Mitchell
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