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Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Ice Age Sequels


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
17 Mar 1947
Date submitted
13 Mar 1947
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Moral of the White Paper
  2. 2Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Fire at Pier 90
  3. 3Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Ice Age Sequels
  4. 4Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin: Princess Opens SA Graving Dock


Story No. within this Issue
3 / 4
Section Title
Movietone’s News - Reported by Lionel Gamlin
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Floods & Salvaging Sheep. DESCRIPTION: SALVAGING THE SHEEP - Sheep on Ilkley Moor have been forced into gardens in search of food, many have not survived the harsh weather. FLOODS BREAK OUT - With the thaw has come the floods, the River Medway has burst its banks. The Thames has also flooded in the Windsor and Staines areas. SHOTLIST: KS Single file of sheep walking through garden path. Several shots of sheep on Ilkley Moors. Men digging sheep out, MS dead sheep, others walk across snow covered moors. Sheep being driven up side of hill. Walk towards PDSA van, being given medicine, etc. by members of the above. Sheep being carried across snow covered moors, eating out of mens’ hands, entering gardens etc. At Maidstone district, shots of flooded field streets etc. Women carried across flooded streets. GV flooded street, water well above cellars. Medway overflowing its banks. In the neighbourhood of Windsor, Staines, Runnymede, flooded roads. Water lying almost to top of bridge. Various shots of flooded fields. Lorries, vans, motor cars make their ways through flooded roads, cafe in background. Motor car stranded in flooded road.
Weather; Agriculture; Animal husbandry; Accidents and disasters
Card file number
Eddie Smales
Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Hilton Craig
Lionel James Gamlin
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