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Change of Governors in Nyasaland


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Rhodesian Spotlight


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Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Official Visit to Arundel
  2. 2Ninety Tons Dead Weight
  3. 3Proud Record
  4. 4Aftermath of an ill wind.
  5. 5Luanshya Sees a turn of Speed
  6. 6Change of Governors in Nyasaland
  7. 7Records at Marlborough


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6 / 7
Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: Sir Geoffrey Colby leaves Nyasaland on his retirement, and Sir Robert Armitage arrives to take his place.
Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - Performing one of his last duties on the eve of his retirement, His Excellency the Governor of Nyasaland, Sir Geoffrey Colby attends a Police parade at Zomba. In his last investiture he decorated Colonel Apthorp the Commissioner of Police and other members of the force both European and African.
On the day of his departure, full military honours were accorded by the 1st Battalion of the King’s African Rifles. In the 8 years he has held office, Sir Geoffrey Colby has served Nyasaland well. He has guided it through a significant period of its development, and has commanded the admiration, repect and friendship of all with whom he has come into contact. Amid many expressions of regret he and Lady Colby left Zomba, travelling by car to Limbe station and here again many friends were on hand to express their gratitude for services admirably performed, and their heart felt good wishes for the coming years of retirement.
A few days later, an Airforce Dakota arrived in Blantyre bringing the new Governor Sir Robert Armitage and Lady Armitage to take up their duties. Sir Robert was Governor and Commander in Chief in Cyprus, but it is fervently to be hoped that his Governorship of Nyasaland will be completely trouble-free. Spotlight takes this opportunity of extending its sincere welcome.
Before a special meeting of the Executive Council in Zomba, His Excellency Sir Robert Armitage was sworn in and took the oath of allegiance. Soon after taking office he flew to Salisbury where at Government House a cordial welcome was extended to him by the Governor Lord Llewellin.
Politics and government; Ceremonies
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