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Records at Marlborough


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Rhodesian Spotlight


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  1. 1Official Visit to Arundel
  2. 2Ninety Tons Dead Weight
  3. 3Proud Record
  4. 4Aftermath of an ill wind.
  5. 5Luanshya Sees a turn of Speed
  6. 6Change of Governors in Nyasaland
  7. 7Records at Marlborough


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Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: Peter Whitehead of Great Britain smashes all records to win the Limpopo Handicap at Marlborough Stadium.
Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - Cars pile in to the car park as folks really flock to the First International Motor Racing Meeting at Salisbury’s Marlborough circuit. Main interest centres round the two British entries, Peter Whitehead’s Ferrari, Number 31 and Mike Young’s 2 1/2 litre Connaught Number 30. They’re taking part in the Limpopo Handicap over 30 laps, the main event of the day. And away go the handicap men. 75 miles to go with straights, bends and occasionally brilliant recoveries the order of the day.
Scratchman Peter Whitehead, car 31 has entered the race, and coming from behind he has to watch for his opportunities to overtake. He’s giving a brilliant display of driving and receiving full consideration from the other drivers. It was certainly worth coming to see. Watching his opponents he sometimnes cut through on the inside of the bends. Some of those passed probably thought they were standing still, that may have been the explanation for one of them nearly coming to grief. Look out.
Whitehead bust lap records wide open. The previous record stood at 72 miles an hour, but in his Ferrari the British ace raised it to 84. Coming in ahead of Tingle of South Rhodesia and Fergusson of South Africa, Peter Whitehead won with an average 81.8.
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