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Proud Record


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Rhodesian Spotlight


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Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Official Visit to Arundel
  2. 2Ninety Tons Dead Weight
  3. 3Proud Record
  4. 4Aftermath of an ill wind.
  5. 5Luanshya Sees a turn of Speed
  6. 6Change of Governors in Nyasaland
  7. 7Records at Marlborough


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3 / 7
Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: The 1st Battalion of the NRR returns from Malaya with a proud record. Their place is being taken by the 1st Battalion of the RAR.
Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - Docking at Beira, the troopship Empire Clyde brings back the 1st Battalion of the Northern Rhodesia Regiment, after 18 months of highly meritorious active service in Malaya. They return with a record second to none for any battalion of any nationality in Malaya. Their place in Malaya is being taken by the first battalion of the Rhodesian African Rifles who embarked on the same troopship. We wish every success and a safe return to the 900 men, accompanied by 42 wives and 72 children, who leave for active service.
Meanwhile, on their homeward journey, the Northern Rhodesia Regiment was welcomed and congratulated by the Governor General on their arrival in Umtali. Getting nearer home the battalion reached Lusaka. Suffering slight casualties itself, the battalion had wrought havoc among the communist guerillas in the Malayan jungle. It was a heroes’ homecoming and Northern Rhodesia can be proud of their achievements. Following the official civic reception, the battalion was driven to the Barracks, glad to be home and looking forward to a spot of well merited leave.
Politics and government; Ships and boats; Celebrations and festivals; Military
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Central African Film Unit
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