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Tinstone - How it is obtained in a Cornish Mine


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Eve And Everybody’s Film Review


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28 Sep 1933
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Training and Straining
  2. 2Doggy Curiosities
  3. 3Thanks for the Buggy Ride (New Style)
  4. 4Tinstone - How it is obtained in a Cornish Mine
  5. 5Searching the Heavens


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4 / 5
NoS Summary - processes involved in tin mining - an idea of the hard physical work involved
British Pathe synopsis: Cornwall. "Tinstone (or "black tin" as the Cornish miners call it) is just plain tin ore when it comes up from the mines." C/U of a metal container of tin ore being lifted from interior of a mine. Low angle shot of ore rolling down a corrugated surface. "The first crushing." C/U of ore being shovelled into a crushing machine. M/S of man opening a hatch and ore pouring out into a metal container. "- and then a long journey to the stamping and washing mill." M/S of men and young boys walking towards camera pushing along containers of ore. They are attached to some kind of overhead pulley system. The containers are given a push and a pulley system transports them up and away from the camera. L/S of the cable system - various shots of the ore being transported. As the containers turn a corner at the end of their journey, the workers tip them over using their bodies to force the heavy containers. C/U of ore being moved with a shovel. "Here it is stamped into a fine powder. A machine which is practically a large mechanically worked pestle and mortar does it." M/S of the grinding machine in operation. "Finally a series of washing operations separate all the extraneous matter (sand, etc.)" High angle of the machines used to wash the tin - various shots. "and leaves the pure tinstone - ready for smelting." C/U of the tin being shovelled. C/U of man’s hands as he picks up the tin and lets the particles run through his fingers.
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Possible alternative date - 12/10/1933
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