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New Guildhall Library


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
11 Jan 1976
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Westminster Cathedral Piazza
  2. 2Steel Houses
  3. 3New Guildhall Library
  4. 4Knights of the Round Table


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3 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: New Guildhall Library. DESCRIPTION: It is said that the Library at the Guildhall was founded at the wish of the legendary Dick Whittington. The new and modern Guildhall Library still houses the priceless manuscripts that contain so much of London’s history, but has the advantages of an efficient catalogue system and the comfort of air conditioning. SHOTLIST: GV exterior original Guildhall Library. MLS ditto. MS stained glass window. MLS roof tilt down to see interior. MS woman reading large old book. MCU ditto. MS people in library. MS woman reading old book. MS man enters book vault and puts key in lock. CU key turning in lock. MS man enters. MS man turns on light and goes to safe. MS opens safe and brings out in a box the Book of St. Botolph from Bishopsgate - 14th century. MCU open book. CU pages turned to see picture of Crucifixion. MS librarian walks down staircase in old library. MS he looks at old books on shelf. MCU pan along shelf. MS looking down on librarian as he takes book from shelf. CU he opens book - move in. MLS old library pan to new library. MS man entering new library. MS interior new library on gallery pan round and down to ground floor of library. MS people in library reading room. CU longest overdue book (Peter de Riga Aurora) fine £940. MS girl in catalogue section looking in a file and then turning to open a drawer. CU opening drawer and looks through cards. MS man in book store opening sliding door. MS walking between sliding shelves to obtain books. MS books into dumb waiter. MS reading room. MCU document signed by Sir Thomas Moore - 14th May 1530. CU signature. MCU document signed by William Shakespeare 1612 made on a sale of a house. MCU ditto. CU ditto. MCU book open to portrait of Shakespeare. CU title "Mr William Shakespeare - Comedies, Histories and Tragedies" tilt down to portrait. CU date 1623 when book was published. MS modern architectural design on new library for walkway between buildings. CU exterior.
Buildings and structures; Engineering; History and archaeology
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Leonard Martin
Norman Fisher
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