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Fast Treatment


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
26 Jun 1967
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Learning from Life
  2. 2Wooden Walk
  3. 3Deer to Buy
  4. 4Fast Treatment
  5. 5Big Wet


Story No. within this Issue
4 / 5
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Fast Treatment. DESCRIPTION: Time is often a matter of life and death. A West Country doctor has invented a Flashing Beacon to help him beat traffic jams. From Gatwick, a Beagle Light Plane leaves for Australia to serve with the Flying Doctor Service in New South Wales. SHOTLIST: MS doctor holding the Medi-Lamp. CU Medi-Lamp showing the magnets which fix it to car roof. MS doctor puts Medi-Lamp on car roof. CU Medi-Lamp on roof of car. Pan doctor drives off with Medi-Lamp on roof. Names on side of plane Beagle B 206. LS the Beagle B 206 at Gatwick. MS Royal Flying Doctor Service sign on side of plane. MS man filling plane with petrol. CU ditto. CU fuel gauge on pump reading 112 gallons. MS man filling plane with petrol. LS ditto. CU the co-pilot Janette Ferguson looking at maps. MS Janette Ferguson with the pilot Victor Cover. CU Vic Cover. MCU Janette Ferguson. CU maps. MS Janette Ferguson and Vic Cover getting into plane. CU Rolls Royce sign on plane. Pan the Beagle takes off from Gatwick on 1st stage of trip.
Health and medicine; Aviation; Inventions and discoveries
England; Sussex
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Leslie Mitchell
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