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Big Hand for Kennedy


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
8 Jun 1961
Date submitted
5 Jun 1961
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Big Hand for Kennedy
  2. 2Dry Diving
  3. 3The Big Smoke
  4. 4Chaos on the Track


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1 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Big Hand for Kennedy. DESCRIPTION: Paris, Vienna, then London. At the airport, a welcome was offered on the Queen’s behalf. Then, the Premier greeted Mr Kennedy and his wife Jackie, who was accompanied by Lady Dorothy. There was a Naval Guard of Honour for the ex-Naval President. In his speech of welcome, the Premier referred to Mr Kennedy’s meetings on the Continent, and the President had some nice things to say. On the drive to London, and throughout their visit, the American visitors got a really big hand all the way. Their destination was a house in Westminster, the home of Prince and Princess Radziwill, Jackie’s sister. One important engagement (of a strictly private nature) was the christening of Jackie’s niece Anna Christina Radziwill at Westminster Cathedral. Later in the day, the President and Jackie were leaving Buckingham Place for Buckingham Palace to dine with the Queen and Prince Philip. A happy conclusion to a whirlwind visit. SHOTLIST: Key scene. MLS plane stops on runway. MS Macmillan (guard of honour in background). MLS Mr and Mrs Kennedy greeted by Premier. MLS party talking on runway, airliner in background. MS Mrs Kennedy and Lady Dorothy Macmillan. MLS naval guard of honour - crowd in foreground. GV President and Premier on dais. GV speech by Premier. GV Mr Kennedy talking with de Gaulle. MS same talking with Mr Khrushchev. MCU same. CU Mr Khrushchev. MS Mr Kennedy and Mr Khrushchev. MS Mr Kennedy and Macmillan. GV speech by Kennedy. GV Mr Kennedy, Lady Dorothy etc. looking on. GV Mr Kennedy and Premier leave dais. MS naval guard of honour. MS car drives off. TS crowds in London. LS motor cycle escort leading procession. LS same. GV cars pull up outside house. GV police holding crowds back. GV Mr Kennedy and the Premier. GV Mr and Mrs Kennedy. GV Mrs Kennedy. MS Mr Kennedy and the Premier. MS Mr and Mrs Kennedy. GV press among crowd. MS secretary giving information. GV Mr and Mrs Kennedy about to get into car. GV small girls waving. CU car pulls away. LS procession. GV police holding crowds back. GV Mr and Mrs Kennedy entering church. LS same. MS Princess Radziwill entering followed by woman with baby. GV crowds. GV Mr Kennedy at church entrance. GV the baby is carried into car. GV crowds. MLS cars pull away. GV motor cycle escort ready. MS same. GV same. GV Mr and Mrs Kennedy at Buckingham. MS same. GV crowds. MS car pulls away. LS procession at Buckingham Palace - crowd move on.
Politics and government; Children; Social events; Ceremonies; Navy; Military; Religion and belief
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John Abbott
Leslie Mitchell
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