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Spurs V Crewe


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
2 Feb 1961
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Spurs V Crewe
  2. 2British Toy Fair
  3. 3Most Beautiful Stamp
  4. 4Fine British Win
  5. 5Royal Visit to Taj Mahal
  6. *All for Charity

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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Spurs V Crewe Cup Tie Football - Floodlit. DESCRIPTION: White Hart Lane, and 50,000 were there to see the battle of the Cock and the Robin. Crewe Alexandra were first on the field, followed by Tottenham, with Spurs well sharpened. They set the ball rolling (rolling is hardly the word in these slippery, muddy conditions), but we only had to wait four minutes till they scored the first goal. Crewe were all out to avenge themselves of that shattering defeat last year (13 goals to two!). But they couldn’t hold off the onslaught: Spurs were victorious again. The result: five one. SHOTLIST: Key scene. GV exterior Tottenham Football Ground. LS spectators in stand. MS same CU same. LS Crewe run onto field. CU woman cheering. LS Spurs run out. LS Spurs kick off. LS play LS Spurs attacking. LS Dyson heads Spurs’ first goal (1-0). LS play LS play in Crewe’s goal area. LS Smith scores second for Spurs. MS play. LS Tighe scores for Crewe (2-1). LS Spurs attacking. LS Spurs winger centres - attack cleaned. LS Mackay scores for Spurs. LS Williamson saves for Crewe. LS another LS another GV floodlights. LS Jones scores for Spurs (4-1). LS crowds. LS play LS Spurs attack. LS same LS Allen scores No 5. GV floodlights. LS teams congratulating.
Sport; Buildings and structures; Football
London; England
Card file number
A. R. Edmonds
Jeffrey K. Shearley
Len Waldorf
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