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Fun of the Fair


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British Movietone News


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21 Dec 1959
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Fun of the Fair
  2. 2Athens Greets Ike
  3. 3Makarios - President
  4. 4It’s Toy Time
  5. 5Christmas Greetings


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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Fun of the Fair. DESCRIPTION: Circus folk formed a sort of guard of honour, when Princess Margaret attended a gala performance at Olympia. Her Royal Highness accepted a bouquet from veteran clown Percy Hunter, and then took her place to enjoy the show. But first, in came a four-in-hand, and riding on top of it was Pat Smythe. Next, in marched Donald Campbell and his team. And John Surtees, champion motor-cyclist. Almost unnoticed by the audience, the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne had arrived to enjoy the fun. They had a go at the Ghost Train and enjoyed the Dodgems. SHOTLIST: MS Princess Margaret. CU white horse. CU two horses. MS Princess Margaret with horse. MS clown presents bouquet. BS Princess Margaret. LS old stage coach. MS Pat Smythe on stage coach. Pan same. LS Donald Campbell & team. MS Donald Campbell. Pan John Surtees. BS Princess Margaret. GV elephant and clowns. CU same. LS same. LS boxing midgets. MS same. Pan royal children at sideshows. Pan ghost train. LS royal children come out of ghost train. LS Dodgem cars. MS Prince Charles on Dodgem. Pan - Princess Anne on Dodgem. GV Dodgems. Pan Princess Anne (4).
Sport; Entertainment and leisure; Vehicles; Curiosities; Fundraising; Records; Animals; Performing arts
London; England
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Geoffrey Sumner
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