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The Promised Land


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British Movietone News


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28 Apr 1958
Date submitted
23 Apr 1958
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  1. 1The Promised Land
  2. 2Tournament Season Opens
  3. 3Radar Research
  4. 4Princess in West Indies
  5. *200th Birthday

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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: The Promised Land. DESCRIPTION: The Summer of 1948 was a turning-point in history for the people of Palestine, the Promised Land. The last British troops were leaving the port of Haifa and the Union Flag was hauled down, and the doors were closed on the British mandate; established twenty-five years ago. Israeli troops took over and Ben Gurion is the new nation’s Prime Minister. Palestine is now Israel. But it’s a nation; menaced by Arab hostility. And, as people get down to the tough task, of tilling a barren soil, they must go armed. Railways must be built: notably from the Gulf of Aqaba; to by-pass the Suez Canal route. For the same reason, a pipe-line must be laid; from Eilat to the Mediterranean coast, passing through Beersheba. Airfields are constructed. And yet, always, Israel fears attack. Even her women-folk are enrolled. Autumn 1956: the 8-year-old armistice, between Egypt and Israel, flares up, into war. The action precipitates the world-wide Suez Crisis. The Egyptians are completely routed. Once again, the Israelis had proved their strength, in battle: this time led by General Dayan. Victory in battle is celebrated. And they build, and work; and till the soil. And, as the desert blooms, Israel celebrates the first ten years of her life, as a modern State and looks to the future: to reap the harvest and to defend it. SHOTLIST: Haifa. Map. Troops leave. Union Flag hauled down. Doors close and Union Flag. Israeli flag flying. Troops lined up. Ben Gurion walking. Map. Guards and agriculture. Irrigation. Railway construction, pipeline construction. Airfields. Steel works. Girls training. War - tanks and guns firing. Wrecked trucks etc. Finish on white flag. Troops wave from truck. General Dayan. Victory Parade and slip pan. General construction. Desert harvest. Desert blooms. Torchlight procession.
Commemorations; Education and training; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Vehicles; Women; Environment; Weapons; Aviation; Agriculture; Railways; Celebrations and festivals; Industry and manufacture; Ceremonies; Victory celebrations; War damage; Engineering; Military
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Geoffrey Sumner
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