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Terrorists Strike Again


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
22 Mar 1956
Date Other
Mar 1956
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1FA Cup Semi Finals - Manchester City V Spurs
  2. 2FA Cup Semi Finals - Birmingham V Sunderland
  3. 3The Malenkov Tour
  4. 4Earthquake in Lebanon
  5. 5Earl Mountbatten in India
  6. 6Terrorists Strike Again
  7. 7Grand National Trailer


Story No. within this Issue
6 / 7
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Terrorist Strike Again. DESCRIPTION: British Police Sergeant Gerald Rooney has been shot dead in Nicosia, where a search was made immediately after the incident. School children defied the Emergency Regulations, under which Church Bell ringing is forbidden, some climbed the Cathedral tower and rang the bell. A Court of Enquiry has been held but no information was forthcoming, so collective punishment was therefore imposed. SHOTLIST: GV church. MCU sign Ledra Street. LS body of Police Sergeant Gerald Rooney in street surrounded by police. MS Cypriots with hands against wall being searched by police (x3). MCU Special Constable Gillian Glennie searches an old woman’s NoSle. GV paratroops march towards. CU two soldiers forcing open a shop (x2). 2 shots of metal shop front being opened with acetylene torch. 2 shots of troops smashing windows. MS Cameraman David Samuelson. MS troops run through streets after school children (x4). LS boy climbing into church bell tower. GV church. LS more boys climb into bell tower as one rings the bells. LS troops chase boys over roof tops (x2). LS church tower. GV boy climbing into window. LS troops on roof. MS boy escorted by policeman and soldier. MS ditto. GV Cypriots walk down street. TS open air Court of Enquiry. Various shots of the Court. MS sign Hippocrates Street. Various shots of evicted Cypriots moving belongings from houses. 3 shots of Police checking shops. MS soldiers put barbed wire across street. CU soldier.
Terrorism; Riots; Crime
Cyprus; Nicosia
Card file number
David W. Samuelson
Geoffrey Sumner
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