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Movietone’s News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: His Majesty and London Welcome UNO


Series Name
British Movietone News


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Date Released
14 Jan 1946
Date submitted
11 Jan 1946
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Movietone’s News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: Mannequins Report Back for Duty
  2. 2Movietone’s News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: Goodbye to Rainbow Corner
  3. 3Movietone’s News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell: His Majesty and London Welcome UNO


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3 / 3
Section Title
Movietone’s News - Reported by Leslie Mitchell
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: His Majesty and London Welcome UNO. DESCRIPTION: A Royal banquet preceded the first Assembly of the United Nations Organisation. The following day delegates from fifty one countries met at Central Hall, Westminster. In a secret ballot, Mr Spaak was choosen as President, defeating the Russian nominated Mr Lea. SHOTLIST: CUT STORY: KS CU United Nations emblem. At St James’s, GV of St Anne’s Room after banquet, UNO delegates stand around. SCU King, Byrnes and Bevin talking. Bevin places King in centre of party. Attlee walks up and joins them, GV of above group. Among group shots can be picked out Dr Wellington Koo. SCU Eden talks with Army Officer. Fraser (NZ PM) seen on right of picture. Mr AV Alexander talks with Emir Feisal, Saudi Arabian delegate. Several shots of King with Bevin and Byrnes, then they are joined by Attlee. Exterior - Central Hall, Westminster, with 51 flags of all nations flying. CU name "Central Hall". Crowds gathered to greet arrivals, several delegates arrive. Interior - elevated shot of hall. CU Emblem - North Pole view of the world. Seated beneath the emblem is Senor Zuletta. Group shots in hall, Stettinius introduces Noel-Baker to Mrs Roosevelt. Various shots of hall filled with delegates. Attlee makes opening speech, outstanding remark being "we must, we will succeed". Attlee walks off rostrum. Cut-ins during his speech shows delegates listening, the names of the countries they represent placed on the tables before them, being China. Chile, Venezuela, France, Argentina, Poland, Saudi Arabia. Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Mr Gromyko announce that USSR wish to propose Mr Lea, Norwegian Minister, secret ballot follows, various delegates place their votes in box. Interpreter announces result, Spaak 28, Lea 23. MS M Spaak taking his seat as Chairman, also makes an announcement in French, which is spoken over. Exterior - GV Central Hall to finish.
Politics and government; Social events
St James’s Palace; Westminster; Central Hall
Footage sources
British Paramount
Card file number
Leslie Mitchell
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