Don’t Make Me Angry (4 Parts)

This series of four programmes features teenagers who decide that their short temper is no longer acceptable. They work with psychologist Dr Rachel Andrew to identify and manage the situations that make them angry. (25 minutes each)

1) Seventeen-year-old Lisa often loses her temper. She has tried visiting psychiatrists and medication, and even tried changing her friends, but to no avail. Her schooling has been affected and she’s been arrested several times. Her relationship with her parents and friends is deteriorating and fears she will end up in prison, so she works with Dr Rachel Andrew for six weeks to try and put a stop to her bad behaviour.
2) Jamie is 16 and lives with his parents and sister in Cleveland. He has low self-esteem, and constant bullying at school has led to a suicide attempt and not attending school for a long time. His parents are frightened of where his anger will lead him, and have called on clinical psychologist Dr Rachel Andrew to work with Jamie for three months to help ease his concerns and lead a happier life.
3) Mikki is 14 and lives with her disabled mother in north London. She lacks self-esteem and has not been to school for some time. Mikki and her mother are moving house, which helps Mikki to visualise a fresh start and is asked to imagine what she would like to leave behind in the old house. An interest in football is used to help Mikki think positively, and also to spend some quality time with her grandmother.
4) Fifteen-year-old Michael has angry, violent outbursts which have led to exclusion from school and he has even attacked his mother with a knife. He lives in Sunbury-on-Thames with his mother and two sisters, and his older sister talks of her worry that he will end up in prison. Dr Rachel Andrew works with Michael for three months, helping him to control his temper. It is revealed that Michael is angry with his father for leaving, and he is frustrated with life in a female-dominated household.
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Psychology; Mental Health and Counselling
adolescents; behavioural psychology; behavioural psychotherapy; behavioural therapy; anger management

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