Willy Brandt on the future of Europe

Willy Brandt on the future of Europe
News report; Interview; Speech
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31 May 1980
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Report on a speech by former Chancellor of West Germany, Willy Brandt, at the Royal Institution in London. Includes complete speech, about international conflict resolution and the future of Europe and the EEC; interviews afterwards with Willy Brandt and former Labour MP Shirley Williams. Male reporter not identified, poss. Barry Jordan?
Shirley Williams; Willy Brandt; Barry Jordan?
Peace; Politics; Future society; EEC; UK; Afghanistan; Agricultural policy; USSR; International relations; Military affairs; Energy resources; Defence; Common Agricultural Policy; Conflict resolution; Energy shortages; Energy economics; Diplomacy; Peacebuilding; Europe; Future developments; War (concept); European cooperation; Politicians; International cooperation; OPEC; Eastern Europe; Western Europe; Postwar reconstruction; Germany FR; East West relations; Budget contributions; Royal Institution

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