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The London interview

The London interview
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21 Sep 1980
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The London Interview. Peter Allen interviews backbench Labour MP, Anthony Wedgwood (Tony) Benn. Benn says Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is deliberately creating unemployment to push profits up, but he points out that the country’s problems are not created by individual politicians. He does not believe in communism or state planned economies, which have no relation to his ideal of democratic socialism. He says the newspapers are part of the power structure of society but that democracy is the power which people have to change their lives. Interview in two parts, divided by short break in audio.
Peter Allen; Tony Benn
Politics; Trade unions; Labour Party; Margaret Thatcher; James Callaghan; Unemployment; Socialism; Moss Evans; Economic systems; Capitalism; Derek Robinson; Communism; Politicians; Tony Benn; Democracy; Labour movements; Social inequality

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