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Remixes. Interview with George Cole together with pop music extracts.

Remixes. Interview with George Cole together with pop music extracts.
Transmission details
18 Apr 1985
REMIXES [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] Interview with GEORGE COLE recorded on 18 April 1985 for Radio Victory, together with pop music extracts. Interview presented by MATT HOPPER. TRACK 1- In -Welcome back to Southampton ... GEORGE COLE has returned to Southampton because of new play written by Bob Larby to be performed at Nuffield Theatre. Feels Bob Larby’s work is suitable for theatre [usually works for TV]. Play concerns old age [First, Sunday in Every Month]. Wants to carry on working for as long as he can. Out - ... as long as I can. TRACK 2- In - Yes in my early days ... Was out of work for 11 months when young. First started work at 14. Discusses TV role in Blott on the Landscape, where had to appear naked in one scene - but thinks scene was done in good taste. Blott was all shot on location. TV series Minder ended by mutual consent of actors and producer, etc. 90 minute special Minder on the Orient Express, to be shown at Christmas. One episode of Minder about smuggling filmed at Beaulieu. Out - ... from Japan. TRACK 3- In - Do you have to do ... Will appear as Arthur Daley from Minder, occasionally for charity. Is signing a new book in Southampton Arthur Daley’s Guide to doing it right. Spare time pursuits - likes a little gardening, reading and doing nothing. Will take notice of serious, well considered criticism. Hopes play will go to London. Has a sit-com for BBC coming out in January called Comrade Dad. Has usually played an Englishman in plays, etc, though once played the part of a dog. Is happy to have played mainly comedy roles. Once had singing role in Pirates of Penzance [Major General]. Out - ... the audiences here are wonderful. TRACK 4 - Music. [Box 7]
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Track 2: temporary loss of sound at 3:50 mins is on original tape. Tape box is labelled REMIX [hence catalogue R]. This seems to refer to the jingle in track 4.
Misc. notes
Gauge:- 1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
1 tape


Matt Hopper
George Cole

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