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Victory Report: Mary Rose Report - Sleipner

Victory Report: Mary Rose Report - Sleipner
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28 Feb 1979
Track 2 from AV1/VR3/S1. Documentary programme in Victory Report Series with interviews concerning the fitting out of the recovery vessel Sleipner for use in the raising of the Tudor warship Mary Rose from the seabed near Southsea. Introduction: Refers to announcement previous month that Mary Rose Trust had been set up and Prince Charles had agreed to be Patron. SLEIPNER, salvage vessel to serve as diving platform. Built for RN during World War II as recovery vessel then sold to Sweden where used to recover Vasa in 1958, recently involved in North Sea oil programme. Being fitted out in Husband’s shipyard, Marchwood. INTERVIEWS: 1. MARGARET RULE, Archaeological Director, Mary Rose Trust. Could not achieve 2 year programme of work without vessel of this kind, need large vessel permanently moored for 8 months of present and next year to provide facilities, accommodation and large hold for preliminary processing of finds. Need to be able to use maximum number of man hours. Boat bought by HCC and Portsmouth City Council. Recoup cost of vessel when finished by sale. Tow of ship, HOLD Engines - steam and hydraulic diesel. Hold 33 x 40 inches, for looking at finds, preparing drawings and developing photos and film. Team bay for divers. Ship provides central control base. Ship came with many spare parts. Provision of ship has given divers encouragement that recovery programme can really happen. ACCOMMODATION: well provided [washing machines, etc] living accommodation for 16 people. Will be able to accomplish work in civilised conditions. RESUME OF HISTORY of Mary Rose building [1509] 1536 rebuilt, circumstances of sinking in 1545 when going to meet French invasion fleet. Attempts to salvage her in Tudor times then left till C19 when some guns recovered. Description of how ship lies in mud and excellent state of preservation of buried section of ship and finds representing cross section of society. Rare opportunity for archaeologist to excavate cross section of society. PROBLEMS IN RAISING SHIP, deterioration of finds when recovered from mud, needs immediate recording and immersion in storage tanks. SLEIPNER ARRIVED ON FEBRUARY 11 - want to put ship moored on station by April 2 - then start excavation. End April - hundreds of volunteers will arrive. Many people want opportunity to dive. PROSPECTS IN 2 YEARS TIME - Empty ship, brace ship with reinforcing structure. SPRING 1981 - Mary Rose will be lifted from seabed and put on pre-formed cradle on pontoon. Pontoon brought to surface and brought to Portsmouth. LATE SPRING 1981 - arrive in Portsmouth. 2- MR DOOLEY, Assistant Manager on board Sleipner. Experienced diver in charge of fitting out Sleipner. Most important job - fit mooring winches, 2 large hydraulic winches, 4 print mooring. Need to provide fitments for all specialist needs. Sleipner built at Middlesborough 1942 designed to lift 600 tons on tidal lift. See also AV1/VR2/S1. [Box 6]
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Misc. notes
Track 2 from VR3; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
1 tape


Margaret Rule; Mr Dudley
Guy Payne

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