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Bolshevik Artisans Parade in Moscow


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British Movietone News


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15 Mar 1934
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Bolshevik Artisans Parade in Moscow
  2. 2King of Italy Sees Tor Di Quinto Ride
  3. 3The King Holds His First 1934 Levee
  4. 4Goods Train Wreck Blocks Main Line
  5. 5Irish War Veterans March to Cenotaph
  6. 6Pu Yi Proceeds to His Enthronement
  7. 7Admiralty Abandons Submarine Salvage


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1 / 7
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Bolshevik Artisans Parade in Moscow. DESCRIPTION: Russian workers march in procession past tomb of Lenin at celebration of 17th Congress. Sub.1. And Moscow welcomes Bulgarians, acquitted in Reichstag trial, from prison in Germany. SHOTLIST: Shot of the workers marching along with banners and picture of Stalin. Stalin with others on balcony (not a good shot). Searchlights play on the tomb of Lenin. Shots of the procession in the night. Sub.1. Shots of the men and welcome. B&W 810 detailed below is the original Russian material. Good shots of workers parading through square - close shots. Shot of Russian personalities arriving at Tomb of Lenin ? including Molotov - the others are not recognised. Parade in Red Square of the workers with banners. Night shots of the parade with banners. Searchlights play over the procession. Close shot of child waving with mother. procession of workers with banners of Stalin and Lenin. Night shots of the balcony of Lenin’s Tomb and the Russian personalities waving from same. Banner carried of Stalin. Searchlights play over the procession.
Commemorations; Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Music and dance; Children; Celebrations and festivals; Ceremonies; Crime
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