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The mormon church (Salt Lake City)


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The March of Time 2nd Year


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Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The mormon church (Salt Lake City)
  2. 2Amateur Sleuths
  3. 3King Cotton’s Slave


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The March of Time synopsis: With unemployment and relief still one of the greatest problems facing the world, the new Issue of The March of Time presents in an item entitled "The Mormon Church (Salt Lake City)", an ecclesiastical attempt to cope with its ravages among church members. Shown in conference are the Supreme Mormon Pontiff, 80-year old Heber Jedediah Grant and his apostles, a fundamental doctrine of whose faith is that every follower must be self-sustaining, as they determine to end the unemployment affecting one-sixth of their members. The March of Time pictures in detail the opening of Mormon cooperative stores, where workers are paid in kind, the inauguration of church workshops where old clothes are repaired and new garments manufactured, and vast canneries, where unemployed Mormon women, working by hand, preserve thousands of quarts of food annually. Mormon relief administrators, however, are dismayed to find that many of their members prefer remaining idle and drawing real cash in the form of Government relief, to being "self-sustaining" on payments in kind. Determined to end unemployment at all costs, they embark upon a hundred new public work projects to attract those who refuse to work for anything but money.
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This story was included in Vol.3 No.6 of the US edition.
Customs and traditions; Social conditions; Religion and belief
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The March of Time Promotional Material   Publicity Brochure, Used for synopsis
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Time Inc.

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