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Farming on the Mkushi Block


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Rhodesian Spotlight


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  1. 1Farming on the Mkushi Block
  2. 2Operation Air-Drop
  3. 3Parishioners Build Own Church
  4. 4The Circus Comes to Town
  5. 5Search for Radio-ACtive Minerals


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Rhodesian Spotlight synopsis: Farmers of the new Mkushi Block meet at the Mkushi River Hotel under the chairmanship of Mr Unwin Moffat and the District Commissioner to iron out their problems. Here as elsewhere in Rhodesia, Tobacco Farming is the backbone of farming. Also new grasses are grown to improve the pastures. At the Methodist Church, Lusaka, Miss Nancy Moffat, daughter of Sir John Moffat is married to Geoffrey Bolland a farmer on the Mkushi Block.
Rhodesian Spotlight Commentary - Travellers along the great North Road towards the borders of Tanganyika are familiar with the pleasantly situated Mkushi River Hotel. Today the Hotel is the scene of a meeting opened by Mr Unwin Moffat and attended by the District Commissioner who is helping to iron out some of the problems of the farmers on the new Mkushi block.
Problems there are in plenty. For when these people came here they had to start by clearing tracks to get into their farms. Road-building was the order of the day, and every acre of arable land had to be cleared before the plough could go in. Here as elsewhere in Rhodesia, tobacco is the backbone of farming. Tobacco earns the money for nearly all other development in the country. That’s why Mr Unwin Moffat - an old hand at the game - was requested by other farmers to grow the seedlings for the first season. Yes, tobacco comes first all right. First the land, then the barns, then, and only, then a house.
It was soon found by farmers that cattle could thrive in this area, and such experienced men as Unwin and Sir John Moffat have made good progress with the planting of new grasses to improve the pastures and increase their stock-carrying ability. A thriving community, with the Minister of Agriculture sometimes invited to the discussion of problems over a sundowner.
More Moffat-news as we move to the Methodist Church at Lusaka, where Miss Nancy Moffat, daughter of Sir John, signs the Marriage Register, after her wedding to Mr Geoffrey Bolland a farmer on the Mkushi Block. To the enthusiastic applause of their many admirers, bride and groom cut their elaborate wedding cake, before setting off on their honeymoon. And, with their friends, we wish the couple a very happy and successful future.
Entertainment and leisure; Agriculture; Conferences; Marriages; Religion and belief; Town and country planning
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