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Shepherds from the mine


Series Name
Mining Review 1st Year


Issue No.
Date Released
Dec 1947
Length of issue (in feet)
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The Forrest of Dean
  2. 2Shepherds from the mine
  3. 3Denby Washery


Story No. within this Issue
2 / 3
BFI Summary - A miner who is also a shepherd.
COI Commentary - Of course, there is other coal in Gloucestershire, and modern means of getting it. Here the shifts are changing at one of the larger collieries. Just on the edge of the Forest of Dean.
The land here is a series of gentle hills and vales; ideal sheep country ... so what’s more natural than some miners should tend a few sheep of their own.
And here comes Bill Watson with his dog. Bill’s got a few sheep ... not too many, but enough to provide an interesting hobby.
It’s time his were sheared ... so this evening he’s going to round ‘em up and get some work done.
John Kear is a miner too ... though he’s shepherd for the moment ... and has he perhaps seen Bill Watson’s flock?
"Why yes; they’ll be over there, behind those big trees".
There’ll be no mistake about their identity as each animal is marked with its owner’s initials ... BW for Bill Watson.
"Ah! That’s them!" ... and here’s where the sheep-dog proves his worth. In fact, sheep-dogs area necessity. They are usually trained by the miners themselves ... Many of them compete at the local trials, and some of them are prizewinners.
These puppies of Bill Watson’s are the offspring of a local champion. They might be champs themselves one day ...
All that remains to be done now is the shearing ... but when you’ve tried it yourself, you’ll know that it’s not as simple as it sounds.
Yes, it’s a good healthy pastime, and a welcome on for miners.
There’s not a lot of money in it, but as John Kear says:
"It isn’t what you make; but while your tending them you’re not out spending".
Mining; Animal husbandry
Written sources
The National Archives INF 6   /389 Used for synopsis
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Production Co.
Crown Film Unit
Jocelyn Jackson
John Legard
John Taylor
Maurice Denham
Max Anderson
Ministry of Fuel and Power

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