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Christmas Grotto and Lights


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
17 Dec 1978
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Christmas Grotto and Lights
  2. 2Illuminated Carnival


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1 / 2
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Selfridges Grotto and Christmas Lights. DESCRIPTION: The theme of the Christmas Grotto at Selfridges Department Store is Kenneth Graham’s story about Toad and his friends, Wind in the Willows. When the children have marvelled at the scenes of Toad’s exploits, they can visit Father Christmas. Outside in Oxford Street and adjoining Regent’s Street, after seven years the Christmas lights once again brighten the Yuletide Season. SHOTLIST: GV exterior Selfridges. CU head of Toad PB to Toad in rowing boat. CU children PB to a ‘Ratty’ waving. MCU Ratty’s head. MCU small girl waving back. MCU Mole eating and drinking. MCU picnic table pan up to Badger’s face. Pan to rodent’s den covered with snow. MCU 2 rodents ringing bell outside door. MS rodents waiting. CU heads of 2 rodents. MS rodents holding candle. MS woman on barge coming out of tunnel. MCU woman cleaning clothes on barge. MS Toad in prison with washerwoman. MCS ditto. CU sign ‘Red Lion’ PB to exterior of pub. CU headlamp of car PB to Toad inside. MS mantelpiece with Christmas cards and decorations. MLS Father Christmas with children. CU Father Christmas. CU girl’s face. CU boy’s head PB to Father Christmas giving presents. MS Christmas decorations. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: GV Oxford Street with laser beams. GV exterior ‘Evans’ Oxford Street. GV street lights. GV laser beams. GV pan down Oxford Street. GV Regents Street decorations. MS decorations. GV decorations lights flashing. GV Regent Street decorations. MS ditto.
Shops and shopping; Celebrations and festivals
London; Oxford Street
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Leonard Martin
Richard Day
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