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News in Colour: Santa on Safari


Series Name
British Movietone News


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Date Released
17 Dec 1973
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Kissinger Visit
  2. 2Horse Drawn Pope
  3. 3Sky Cameraman
  4. 4Sky Divers
  5. 5News in Colour: Santa on Safari


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5 / 5
Section Title
News in Colour
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Santa on Safari Colour. DESCRIPTION: Through darkest Berkshire, Santa Claus goes on his rounds ensuring that the animals do not get left out of the seasonal festivities. SHOTLIST: SV main entrance Windsor Safari Park, Santa Claus through main entrance. SV pan from Stone Monster to Santa walking along pathway next to pond. SV pan Santa out of trees to animal enclosure where rhinos are kept. SV Father Christmas feeding rhinos. SV tiger cub by trees. SV Santa walking along. SV tiger cub standing just behind tree. SV Santa past tiger cub sitting on ground. GV ground of Safari Park, Santa walking past camera & down slope. SV interior giraffes in enclosure. CU giraffe’s head. SV giraffes in enclosure pan to Santa digging into bag. SV giraffes looking. SV Santa feeding giraffe. CU giraffes. SV Santa feeding a giraffe. CU giraffe’s head. SV Santa feeding geese. SV geese calling for more food. CU Santa feeding goose. GV Santa watching geese looking for food on ground. SV geese. SV chimpanzees in cage, Santa in b/g. SV Santa feeding chimps. SV 3 chimps in corner. SV toucans on perch. CU toucan on perch. SV Santa about to hold tiger cub. CU Santa holding tiger cub, cub biting at board. SV Santa holding tiger cub. SV sign Dolphinarium. SV Santa standing by glass wall just behind killer whale. SV pan killer whale swimming about in pool, Santa standing on edge - gives it some food. CU killer whale’s head out of water, Santa puts ear to mouth. SV killer whale’s head just out of water, Santa points it away from ledge. CU Santa’s face. SV dolphin out of water, shakes hands with Santa. SV dolphins back into water. SV dolphin out of water shakes hands & dolphins goes back into water. CU bag of fish, Santa takes fish. SV ditto holding fish, dolphin jumps, misses tries again.
Buildings and structures; Entertainment and leisure; Celebrations and festivals; Birds; Animals
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Leslie Mitchell
Norman Fisher
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