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Three V Six - Soccer


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
8 Jan 1973
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Irish Sweepstake
  2. 2Camping Exhibition
  3. 3Torchlight Procession
  4. 4Three V Six - Soccer


Story No. within this Issue
4 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Three V Six - Soccer. DESCRIPTION: The Three v Six at Wembley. The Three captained by Bobby Charlton. The 3 win - two - nil. SHOTLIST: SV Bobby Charlton walking towards camera followed by Three team. SV Netzer WG (Captain of Six) pan to team following. SV two captains toss up. CU photographer. SV Spurs goalkeeper Pat Jennings. TV Three kick off all in white (from left to right). LV mass crowds. GV Three attack round Six goalmouth, No 11 Bereta of France clears up field. CU pan Bereta again ditto. GV Netzer collects ball on right wing, he centres, ball rolls past open goal. CU pan Three player kicks up field. GV play round Six goal, ball passed to No 4 Bell who hooks it over to No 7 Lorrimer who heads ball - Piot punches clear. CU pan No 3 Vogts runs with ball & kicks clear. GV pan No 1 Bereta centres for goalie Jennings to save and clear. SV pan No 5 Hunter dribbling and passing up field. GV No 4 Bell passes No 3 Emlyn Hughes he kicks forward to No 7 Lorrimer who shoots and goalie Piot saves. CU pan No 6 Neeskens running with ball and is tackled. CU girl in crowd shouting. GV Netzer No 10 takes free kick, ball hits post and glances off. CU showing large scoreboard, fanfare for Europe Three - O, Six - O. HALF TIME GV kick off (Six) Zoff of Italy. GV play in mid field ball passed to Charlton, he centres, Jensen No 11 heads ball into goal. STV players congratulate Charlton as the goal maker. SV scoreboard The Three - 1, the Six - 0. CU play in mid field Charlton attacking down wing. SV pan as Charlton centres and Bell heads ball just outside post. TV crowds. GV Emlyn Hughes No 3 centres to Charlton who passes back to Lorrimer, No 7 who shoots, ball hits post, and glances off. GV another pass from right wing, Lorrimer heads ball, goalie Zoff saves and clears. SV Jennings in goal. GV attack around Six goal, No 4 Bell heads to goal, ball bounces from crossbar, Alan Ball cleared up field team mate. CU pan No 3 Hughes passes to No 8 Giles who passes to Charlton, he kicks up field. GV corner being taken for Three, ball goes to Bell. SV Bell centres to Alan Ball No 17 who shoots and scores. SV pan players congratulating Stein. LV scoreboard Three 2, Six 0. SV pan team members of Six walk off pitch. CU pan Bobby Charlton walks off.
Sport; Football
London; England; Wembley
Card file number
David Allan
Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Leslie Mitchell
Ronald E. Collins
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