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Colour: Children’s Art


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British Movietone News


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24 Apr 1972
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Arsenal V Stoke Replay
  2. 2Falcons Parachute Jump
  3. 3French Motor Cycle Cross
  4. 4Sunken Treasure Sale
  5. 5Colour: Children’s Art


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5 / 5
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MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Children’s Art - in Colour. DESCRIPTION: An exhibition of children’s art, with unusual materials. Plaster, wire, egg boxes, paper cups and scrap paper. Children from all over the country entered. The winning entry ‘The White Queen’. SHOTLIST: GV boys working at Polycel models in Mooreside Comprehensive School art room (Stoke on Trent). MS pan round group of boys working on model (rugby scrum). CU boy sculpting & painting model. CU 2 boys mixing Polyfilla. MCU boys sculpting and painting model. MS 2 boys working on religious sculpture. CU pan 2 figures in sculpture (Jesus & Mary). CU one of the figures. GV girls art room at Queensgate School. CU zoom back to MS group of girls working on sculpture using wire frame and Polyfilla soaked bandage round sculpture. CU girl moulding small Polyfilla figure. CU girl takes pack of Polyfilla soaked cloth & puts it up to camera lens. MS 3 judges (left to right) Henry Pluckrose, Susan Shranks, Hubert Dalwood examine 14/15 age group winner The Bull made by Quarry Bank Secondary School, Staffordshire. CU Shranks holding The Bull. LS exhibits being judged. CU pan down exhibit No 46 Christ the Healer (11 - 13 age group, St Thomas Moore’s School). MCU judges examine exhibit. CU knight head. CU small figures pull focus into wire mesh. MS judges looking at No 64 White Queen from Sale Girls Grammar School (winner). GV presentations in progress. CU Wendy Craig pan down to her hand in plaster. CU exhibit No 26 Sailing Ship from the Nether Whitacre Primary School, winner of 8 - 10 age group. MS Dalwood head of sculpture of Hornsey College of Art, presenting prize to Richard Taylor, sculptor of Sailing Ship. CU The Bull (14 - 15 winner). MS sculptors of The Bull Trevor Palmer & Stephen Davis being presented with prize. CU Shranks & Pluckrose sitting watching. MS prize being presented to overall winners. CU the 3 girls pan down to Polyfilla Schools Art Trophy. MCU pan up winning sculpture. CU head of White Queen. GV exhibition.
Arts and crafts; Exhibitions and shows
United Kingdom
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Leslie Mitchell
Reginald William Smith
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