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Synthetic Soccer Pitch & Revolutionary New Soccer Boot


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British Movietone News


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6 Dec 1971
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Skating Championships
  2. 2Synthetic Soccer Pitch & Revolutionary New Soccer Boot
  3. 3Colour: BOAC Inaugural Jumbo Jet Flight to Australia


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2 / 3
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Synthetic Soccer Pitch. DESCRIPTION: An all weather, low maintenance, soccer pitch. Made of grass-like nylon manufacture. Could be a boon for training and for schools, colleges etc. SHOTLIST: GV pitch tilt down to base of corner flag. CU corner markings. CU along ground of corner flag. MCU goalpost pan across penalty box markings. MS Roger Bannister and 2 players testing pitch. MCU Bannister tosses coin in air. Bannister kicks off. MCU general play. MCU goalkeeper picks up ball and throws it out, pan to GV pitch. LS general play pan to MS groundsman with lawn-mower standing on touch line. (77’). REVOLUTIONARY NEW SOCCER BOOT - CARD 97663 GV play in progress zoom into feet of player wearing new boots bring ball under control. MCU general play. LS player runs toward camera dribbling ball, he turns and runs off (wearing new boots). MCU Bertie Mee showing player new boots. CU new boots and old boots being held up to show studs, being turned. CU new boot studs being turned and compared with studs on old boots. CU player putting on new boots. MS ditto. MS 2 players dribble ball towards camera, they turn, player with old boots slips and player with new boots races away. CU foot pivoting on new studs. Closer CU ditto, MS 2 players dribble ball towards camera, they turn and player with old boots slips, player with new boots races away. (81’).
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Godfrey Kenneth Hanshaw
Leslie Mitchell
Ray Gallard
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