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Cublington Visit


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British Movietone News


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Date Released
29 Mar 1971
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Cublington Visit
  2. 2Football Hall of Fame
  3. 3Australian Young Tennis Player
  4. 4Fishing Exhibition
  5. 5Ocean Expo
  6. 6Dreadnought
  7. 7Underwater Wedding


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1 / 7
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Cublington Visit. DESCRIPTION: The site for London’s third airport is the target for controversy once more. The Minister for Trade, Mr Noble, on his visit through the Buckinghamshire villages is greeted by angry residents, numerous placards, and a home made bomb. SHOTLIST: GV village Thurleigh. CU name. LV pan old houses. signs on house Hands off Thurleigh No Airport. CU NO GV countryside Thurleigh. SV poster on window Thurleigh No. CU ditto LV Mr Noble & Michael Heseltine - MP’S talking to villagers. SV children with donkey pan up to Mr Noble. CU Noble. CU poster Join the ? to Thurleigh. CU Mr Noble talks to villagers. TS along country road past farm buildings sign Let’s make it clear Thurleigh’s runway is here - NO. TS past large farm building NO windscreen along country road. CU past large letters. CU sign BLETSO pan to Ministers. Under archway of church. CU figurehead. SV ministers out of church door. AS church spires. Ministers talk to villagers. LV pan countryside looking towards. SV sign post WING pan to large sign Reclaim don’t destroy. SV large poster AIRPORT OVER OUR DEAD BODIES AND WE MEAN IT. SV ministers talk to villagers. Small banners say No to Wing airport. SV ministers talk. SV women with banners. GV village church wing. GV of church. Pan to a sign in field Airport Fence Here. CU large sign Cublington forever Airport never. GV countryside Wing. SV large poster Don’t let Cublington die. GV scene Wing and Cublington.
Politics and government; Buildings and structures; Demonstrations; Animals
United Kingdom; Cublington
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Leslie Mitchell
Norman Fisher
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