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Rugby League. Australia’s Ashes


Series Name
British Movietone News


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Date Released
14 Dec 1967
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1The Queen Meets the Doctor
  2. 2Rugby League. Australia’s Ashes
  3. 3Last Landfall
  4. 4News in Colour: Concorde Roll Out


Story No. within this Issue
2 / 4
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Rugby League - Australia’s Ashes. DESCRIPTION: At Swinton, Manchester, the Australian Tourists win the final match of the series, beating Britain eleven points to three - to retain the Ashes. SHOTLIST: GV Australia kick off against England, playing towards camera at Swinton, Manchester. MS crowd. GV Australia attacking - player tackled near English try-line. MS crowd. GV England attacking - ball passed to No 6 Millward and then to No 4 Price who runs up left wing and kicks ball forward, Australia clear from behind try-line. CU crowd cheering. MS Australia attacking - ball passed to No 8 McDonald who runs up wing. GV as McDonald is tackled and forced into touch. CU crowd. LS Australia attacking up field. GV R Coote scores try for Australia. MS crowd clapping. GV England attacking in 2nd half - ball kicked forward. Australia gain possession. MS England heel ball back after tackle. GV Australia attacking - No 12 Branson scores try. GV G Langlands converts. CU crowd. GV Australia attacking - No 12 passes to No 21 Gallagher who passes to No 4 King who scores try. MS crowd clapping. GV England attacking, No 6 Millward passes to No 4 Price to score try.
Manchester; England; Swinton
Card file number
Keith Medley
Leslie Mitchell
Ronald E. Collins
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