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News in Colour: Miss World


Series Name
British Movietone News


Issue No.
Date Released
20 Nov 1967
Date submitted
16 Nov 1967
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Royalty Round
  2. 2News in Colour: Miss World


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2 / 2
Section Title
News in Colour
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Miss World in Colour. DESCRIPTION: Meanwhile - arriving in London - fifty-five contestants for this year’s Miss World Contest. We meet them in the Hair Salon, in Trafalgar Square and even for breakfast in bed, before the final at the Strand Lyceum. Climax - the Coronation of Miss Peru! SHOTLIST: GV plane taxiing at London Airport. MLS Miss France walks from aircraft. MS Miss Peru walks from aircraft. CU Miss France. CU Miss Peru. GV plane taxiing. MS group shot of Miss Finland, Miss Denmark & Miss Sweden. CU pan ditto. MS group of contestants in Trafalgar Square. MCU ditto. CU pan ditto. CU photographers at press conference. MS Miss Japan at press conference. CU Miss Nigeria at press conf. MS Miss Ghana, press conf. Miss Costa Rica press conf., Miss Malta press conf. MS Miss Austria & Miss Germany in their bedroom. CU Miss Germany. MCU Miss Austria answers phone in bedroom. CU Miss Austria. CU Miss Germany. CU doll to be presented to Lord Mayor of London by Miss Germany. CU Miss Denmark combing hair in front of mirror. MS ditto. MS Miss Sweden tries on dress. GV interior hair dressing salon. MCU Miss Ireland in salon with rollers in hair. CU ditto. CU Miss Australia in salon under hair-dryer. CU Miss United Kingdom having hair combed. CU hair being combed. GV interior London Lyceum Ballroom - Miss World contestant walk onto stage. From here all girls are wearing swimsuits. MS Miss Australia. MS Miss France and Miss Gambia. BS judges. MS Miss Germany, Miss Ghana and Miss Gibraltar. MS group including Miss Canada. MLS Miss Ireland. MS group with Miss Gibraltar. MCU Miss Israel. MS Miss Japan with Miss Kenya. MS Miss Sweden. MS Miss UK. MLS Miss Guyana. CU Miss Argentina standing with other contestants. GV group on stage. MS ditto. MCU Miss Peru and Miss South Africa on stage. Top shot crowd. MS group turn round on stage. MCU judges. GV final seven contestants on stage. LS ditto. MS judges. CU one of judges Princess Toto. MS crowd applaud. MCU the winner Miss Peru crowned by last year’s Miss World. MS press photographers. CU Miss World.
Buildings and structures; Mass media; Women; Aviation; Competitions; Local government; Fashion and costume
Trafalgar Square; England; Lyceum Ballroom; London Heathrow Airport
Card file number
Leslie Mitchell
Norman Fisher
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