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Eight Under Four! (+ Dublin & Floods)


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British Movietone News


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8 Jul 1965
Stories in this Issue:
  1. 1Beatrix and Claus
  2. 2Lapwing Wins Tideway
  3. 3Leaning Tower Still Leaning
  4. 4Put a Punch in Your Shopping
  5. 5Eight Under Four! (+ Dublin & Floods)
  6. 6Plane Crash - Forty One Die


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5 / 6
MOVIETONE CARD TITLE: Eight Under Four! + Dublin & Floods. DESCRIPTION: Pictures show an athletics meeting at the White City. Among the events were the invitation mile, putting the shot, and long jump, during which Mary Rand met Poland’s Irena Kirszenstein. In Dublin Alan Simpson beat Peter Snell in the mile. Simpson’s time was three minutes 56.9 and was the third best performance ever by a British miler. In Poland, another athletics meeting, this time the weather was the greatest hazard. The only record broken was the rainfall. SHOTLIST: MS Peter Snell tying running shoes. LS crowds at White City Stadium. LS start of Invitation Mile event. MLS John Boulter leading Ray Roseman No 10 and John Davies No 4. MS pan John Boulter No 3 leading. LS ditto. MS Fraulein Schaffer who won the shot put event. MLS Mary Rand in long jump. MS pan Irena Kirszenstein in long jump. MS Mary Rand jumping. MS judge measuring distance of jump. LS Peter Snell No 12 leading John Davies No 4 in mile event. MLS John Davies takes lead with Odlozil second. LS pan Josef Odlozil winning. MS Odlozil congratulated by No 12 Peter Snell after race. CU Odlozil. MS ditto. (The Czech wins with Davies second, British runners in the next four places - Whetton, Green, Harris and Boulter, Snell is 7th, then McKim). LS mile event in Dublin. Alan Simpson 1st, Mike Wiggs 2nd and Peter Snell 3rd. Zoom into Snell and Simpson after race. MS crowd. MLS Simpson after race. MS start of race in Poland. MS pan ditto. MS crowds sheltering from rain. MS ditto. LS race in progress. MS pan ditto with runner slipping and falling on wet surface.
Sport; Athletics
Dublin; Republic of Ireland; White City, London; Poland
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Leslie Mitchell
Vincent Corcoran
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